Stretch marks during pregnancy: Why do people suffer, who don't?

The skin of pregnant women will have a lot of changes and often be stretched throughout the pregnancy, which appears cracks around the abdomen, hips and thighs. However, if it is difficult to learn and prevent, the pregnant mother can completely prevent or help reduce stretch marks during pregnancy from the first days.

1. When does stretch marks during pregnancy appear?

In order to enjoy the happiness of being a mother, the woman's body will face a lot of health risks, in which stretch marks during pregnancy are quite common phenomenon that causes aesthetic loss and anxiety for pregnant mothers.

Stretch marks during pregnancy usually appear when the mother's body weight increases faster than the level of elasticity of the abdominal skin. Most pregnant mothers often have stretch marks in the chest and abdomen, followed by arms, buttocks or thighs. Depending on the body of each person, the stretch marks will be purple or red, white and gradually turn gray, black after birth.

In detail about the development of the fetus week by week, every parent should find out:

Most pregnant mothers can not know whenstretch marks during pregnancy appear , depending on the location of each person, according to statistics, up to 90% of women during pregnancy experience stretch marks when entering the 6th – 7th month of pregnancy, the stretch marks will grow and more as the gestational age grows and the mother's weight increases faster.

The color of stretch marks during pregnancy will depend on the skin of each person. For example, if the pregnant mother's skin is light-colored, the stretch marks are usually pink, and if the skin is darker, the stretch marks are usually brighter than their skin tone.

2. Causes of stretch marks during pregnancy

Pain in pregnant and lactation women

A multi-pregnancy mother can also cause stretch marks because the abdomen is larger, the skin must dilate more

Not every woman during pregnancy encounters stretch marks. The cause of this condition is the result of the breakdown of Collagen and the elastic layers of tissue under the skin. The higher the age of pregnant women, the greater the level of stretch marks, so age is also considered one of the causes of increased stretch marks during pregnancy.

A multi-pregnancy mother can also cause stretch marks because the abdomen is larger, the skin must be dilated more to create a comfortable space for the baby to lie in the womb.

In addition, pregnant mothers with stretch marks during pregnancy may also be due to:

  • Changes in hormones in the body

Usually, when entering the 3rd month of pregnancy, the endococ endococene glands in the mother's body will have more pronounced changes, at this time, the fetus and placenta in the abdomen will secrete a large amount of progesterone and estrogen hormones to strongly stimulate the formation of melamin pre-melanin molecules that increase skin pigmentation. Therefore, stretch marks when pregnant form and begin to darken, some mothers also appear dark spots.

  • Because pregnant mothers gain weight too quickly

The structure of the skin consists of 3 layers: The outer end is the epidermis, in the middle is the envelope and the inside is the dermis. During pregnancy, the mother's body weight will increase rapidly, causing the skin to stretch for a long time and gradually lose elasticity. To help limit stretch marks, mothers try to control weight during pregnancy, only moderately increasing, about 7-15kg during pregnancy.

  • Due to the location

Depending on the location of each pregnant mother, the degree and time of the appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy. For those with a sustainable skin structure, there will be less stretch marks, in particular, stretch marks are also affected by genetic factors.

3. Which subjects are prone to stretch marks during pregnancy?

The time of appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy depends on a lot of factors such as body, genetics and the degree of weight gain. Although it is a common phenomenon, not every pregnant mother is at risk of stretch marks during pregnancy. This also explains why stretch marks have people, some people do not.

In fact, pregnant mothers with mothers or sisters who have been pregnant and have stretch marks are at higher risk of stretch marks during pregnancy than others. In particular, pregnant mothers who are older or too young (under 20 and over 35) will also be at high risk of stretch marks because the skin areas are still not complete or have gradually aging. People who have had stretch marks during puberty are also more likely to experience the condition during pregnancy.

In addition, during pregnancy, mothers who have good skin care, ensuring enough nutrients will help the skin increase elasticity and not stretch marks during pregnancy.

4. How to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy?

Drinking water

Drink plenty of water to help detoxify the body and keep skin cells softer and moister, helping stretch marks during pregnancy quickly disappear after childbirth

Almost every pregnant mother will experience stretch marks during pregnancy, however, there are still many methods that can help limit the appearance of stretch marks and at the same time blur postpartum stretch marks quickly, which are:

  • Build a good diet for the skin, improve elasticity, thereby preventing stretch marks during pregnancy such as: Strawberries, blueberries, spinach, foods rich in vitamin E, vitamin A, foods rich in omega-3, omega-6 …
  • Drink plenty of water to help detoxify the body and keep skin cells softer and moister, thereby helping the skin to be healthy and help stretch marks during pregnancy quickly disappear after childbirth.
  • Exercise regularly during pregnancy to help keep the skin elastic through improving blood circulation and helping to maintain a reasonable weight. Pregnant mothers should only perform exercises suitable for pregnant women, gently, without spending too much effort.
  • Reasonable weight control
  • Be careful when choosing shower gels, shampoos or skin care products throughout pregnancy
  • Choose natural essential oils to nourish the skin and exfoli the skin
  • Sunscreen should be used when out on the street, especially in the chest, face and abdomen or places prone to stretching.

Stretch marks during pregnancy usually appear at about 3 months in the middle of pregnancy, to minimize stretch marks pregnant mothers need to take preventive measures right from the time of pregnancy. At this stage, the pregnant mother not only has stretch marks, but also may have gestational diabetes, signs of early birth … Therefore, 3 months between pregnancies pregnant women need to pay attention:

  • Comprehensive fetal malformations screening using superior 4D ultrasound techniques.
  • Screening for gestational diabetes, avoiding causing many dangerous complications for both mother and baby.
  • Control the mother's weight appropriately to assess the state of health of the pregnant woman and the development of the fetus.
  • Understand the signs of premature birth (especially in people with multiple pregnancies or a history of miscarriage, premature birth) for timely pregnancy therapy.

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