What does low-blood prolactin warn?

Prolactin is known to be the hormone that helps stimulate the mammary glands to secrete after birth in a woman. However, this hormone is present in both men and women, low levels of prolactin can be a manifestation of pit pit pit gland failure.

1. What is Prolactin?

Prolactin is a hormone produced in the pitular pre-pitr, where prolactin is stored and then released into the bloodstream. Prolactin is also produced in the uterus, immune cells, brain, breast, prostate, skin and fatty tissue. The name of this hormone is derived from the term "lactation" which means milk production. The target body of prolactin is the mammary gland that plays a role in promoting the development, distinguishing the mammary glands and stimulating the mammary glands to secrete after birth.

One of the main conditioners of the production of prolactin from the piti pit glands is the hormone called dopamine, which is produced by the lower hillside region. Dopamine restricts prolactin production, so the more dopamine there is, the less prolactin is released. Estrogen is another main conditioner of prolactin and has been proven to increase the production and excretion of prolactin from the pit pit glands. In addition to dopamine and estrogen, all other hormones can increase and decrease the amount of prolactin released in the body, for example, hormones that release thyrotropin, oxytocin and anti-weed hormones.

For most men and women who are not pregnant or breastfeeding, there are only low levels of prolactin in the body. Doctors measure the concentration of hormones in nanograms per millilitre (ng /mL).

Normal levels are:

  • Female: less than 25 ng / mL.
  • Male: less than 17 ng / mL.

Prolactin levels in the blood increase in some normal psychological conditions such as: After a meaty meal, after intercourse, irritation of the nipples, after exercise or when under stress, in pregnant and lactation women.

2. What does low-blood prolactin warn?

Disordered prolactin levels may be encountered in cases where women have problems in the ovaries, metabolic syndrome , anxiety as well as erectile dysfunction, premature ovulation, low sperm (oligozoospermia), sperm weakness (asthenospermia), decreased sperm sac function and deterioration in men. Doctors in medical testing said that sperm entiles can often be restored when treated prolactin levels return to normal values in men with reduced blood prolactin.

  • Lower than normal levels of prolactin in the blood may be a manifestation of pitular insular ins depleting.

What does low-blood prolactin warn?

Lower than normal levels of prolactin may be a manifestation of pitular insular insular ins deplet
  • Some medications may also cause a decrease in levels of prolactin in the blood such as dopamine, levodopa or chicken fungus alkaloid (ergot) conducts.

3. Prolactin test

Prolactin testing is a simple technique that measures the amount of prolactin hormone in the blood to check if prolactin levels are too low or too high.

A doctor may recommend checking prolactin levels if someone:

  • Symptomatic manifestations of prolactin excess production tumors
  • Prolactin test in dinhed along with other hormone tests such as growth hormone: exclusion of pitular or lower-hill gland diseases
  • Monitor patients who are treated with certain medications that may affect the production of dopamine – a hormone that inhibits the secretion of prolactin
  • In men to check for test for tested test disorder, there are low testosterone levels, erectile dysfunction
  • In women with problems with infertility, irregular menstrual cycles and insyroidism, increased lactation during pregnancy or lactation

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