Prevention of rabies in children

Article by Dr. Nguyen Van Son – Children's Center – Share99 Times City International Health Hub

Rabies is a disease caused by rabies viruses. This is an acute viral infectious disease of the central nervous system that leads to undoubted death. Therefore, prevention of rabies is extremely important.

1. How to prevent rabies

  • Mandatory rabies vaccination for animals
  • Animal muzzle when free-range
  • Keep an eye on your child when you take them out
  • Teaching children not to get close to strange cats and dogs…

Animal muzzle

Free-range animals need to wear full snouts

2. Some points to keep in mind when bitten by an animal

If the child is bitten on the face, neck, genitals, or bitten multiple times, then the child needs to be vaccinated against rabies as soon as possible (within 48 hours after the bite.

If the bite is small and the location of the bite does not belong to the above areas, it is possible to monitor dogs and cats within 10 days, if dogs, cats do not show rabies, the child does not need rabies vaccination. In case the dog or cat dies or cannot be monitored, the child still needs to be vaccinated.

Rabies vaccination has multiple shots (depending on different brands) but enough doses are required to ensure effectivenessity.

3. Wound treatment after being bitten by an animal

Treat the wound after being bitten by a cat as follows:

  • Thoroughly wash the wound with soap under running water for 10-15 minutes, then clean it again with 70-degree alcohol or betadin.
  • Heal with a clean towel that tightly applies to the wound and lifts the wounded detailment.

Dog bites, rabies

Parents need to help children handle wounds when bitten by animals properly
  • Wounds should not be sewn tightly or the bandages pressed too tightly. In case of necessity, it is possible to cut the filter but suture the bite after proper treatment
  • Take antibiotics for tetanus prevention and tetanus vaccination if necessary.

4. When to take your child to the doctor?

  • It is not known how the animal bit the child.
  • Deep bite wounds, multiple bites or bites in the face, neck, genitals.
  • Nonstop bleeding after ten minutes of application of hem stopping measures.
  • If your child's tetanus injection is more than 5 years old
  • When there are signs of infection such as painful red hot swelling, festering at the bite site

Rabies vaccination is a mandatory measure when bitten by a rabid cat dog to protect the health of the child. Share99 International Health Hub provides vaccination services with a variety of vaccines for a variety of subjects, from infants, young children, adults, women before and during pregnancy, including rabies vaccines.

2-shot vaccination for children of vaccination age, nose 1 from 9 to 12 months old, nose 2 from 18 to 24 months

Rabies vaccination helps protect children's health when bitten by animals

To register your child's vaccination, please contact Share99 Health System nationwide directly or make an appointment HERE.


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