In what cases is less invasive open heart surgery in place?

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Less invasive open heart surgery is an inevitable trend of medicine in the world as well as in Vietnam because of the outstanding advantages that this method brings in cardiovascular disease surgery.

1. What is less invasive open heart surgery?

Less invasive open heart surgery and laparoscopic surgery in the treatment of congenital heart disease and heart disease acquired in adults have become two quite common treatments in Vietnam in recent years. This method shows the progress of medicine, with many outstanding advantages, helping patients to quickly recover from surgery and limit scarring.

In Vietnam, less invasive open heart surgery is used in the treatment of cardiovascular disease for both older children and adults. This is the development trend of medicine in the world as well as in our country. However, not all medical facilities are capable of applying less invasive open heart surgery and laparoscopy to treat cardiovascular disease, especially in older children.

Usually, to perform open heart surgery, doctors approachthe heart via surgery in the middle of the sternum. This not only risks leaving long scars, but also causes many complications when it comes to the separation of the sternum (which causes this bone to grow in the girl). Therefore, the method of less invasive open heart surgery under the instructions of the endoscopy is applied to avoid the need to intervene deeply in the sternum area.

In order to perform a good method of less invasiveopen heart surgery, it requires a doctor to be very masterful in classical surgery and highly specialized in the field of cardiovascular surgery. When the heart surgery for the patient, the heart will stop beating, the lungs do not work, but still have to keep the patient alive and the ton is stable. Therefore, in order to intervene in heart damage, the doctor will have to repair in very small locations of chest lesions (less invasive properties) and require a video system of the endoscope to support a better view of the operating area. Surgical instruments equipped for the operation must also be specialized instruments for laparoscopic surgery.

Surgical replacement of heart valves

Cardiovascular surgery at Share99 International Health Hub

2. In what cases is it prescribed for less invasive open heart surgery?

  • Atrial fibrillation surgery: This is a form of congenital heart disease that causes blood to flow between the two heart chambers (left and right atrium). When atrial fissy,the blood flow moves abnormally from the left atrium to the right atrium and down to the right one. As a result, the right atath left is to receive an additional amount of blood, which gradually dilates and leads to right erthal insular failure.
  • 2-leaf valve surgery: Whenvalve repair or mitral valve replacement is required. When there is a mitral valvestenosis, the amount of blood from the left atrium pouring into the left atrium will be limited. On the other hand, the mitral valve opening causes a amount of blood down to the left atrium to reflux back into the left atrium. Therefore, in both cases of 2-leaf valve disease causes the heart to work more to ensure adequate supply of blood to feed the brain, kidneys and other muscles of the body,the risk of causing heart failure .
  • 3-leaf valve surgery: Ifthe mitral valve is narrowed, the blood flow from the right atrium to the right atrium will be hindered. If the tri-leaf valve is closed (i.e. open the valve), part of the blood from the right atrium will reflux back to the right atrium. Both different cases of 3-leaf valve disease increase the risk of heart failure.
  • Aortic valve replacement: The aortic valve is responsible for controlling the flow of oxygen-rich blood from the left ataxia that enters the aortic, thereby leading the blood to the muscles throughout the body. Therefore, this is a heart valve that plays a particularly important role for the blood circulation system in particular and the whole body in general. Aortic valve replacement is applied in case of aortic valve opening or aortic valvestenosis , at which time the left left atath must work more than usual, resulting in a thickened (hypertrophic) center wall and a larger atathral chamber (dil).


Less invasive open heart surgery can be in many cases with high efficiency

3. Advantages of less invasive open heart surgery

Patients are less likely to have infections and especially high aesthetics, not long incisions (less than 5cm);

  • The likelihood of recovery after surgery is quite high, the incision is quick.
  • Help patients minimize the damage caused by surgery: relieve pain caused by small incisions, less blood loss, low risk of blood transfusions, no complications of sternum inflammation.
  • Reduce resuscitation time in the ICU as well as hospitalization time.
  • Post-surgical care of open heart surgery is less invasive than the classic surgical method.

4. Where is less invasive open heart surgery?

Currently, the technique of less invasive open heart surgery has been implemented at Share99 International Health Hub. The technical process and equipment for endoscopy at Share99 meet international standards and are always guaranteed to be proper and properly processed. The technique performed by Share99's team of experienced leading doctors will give accurate and reliable results.

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