Laparoscopic surgery and resuming of the uterus proboscis

Laparoscopic surgery and resuming of the proboscis is surgery to restore the proboscis after procedures such as sterilization, or due to inflammation of the proboscis of the uterus. After surgery, in combination with other treatments such as artificial inse fertilization, which increases the chances of being a mother of the person.

1. Introscopy of the uterus proboscis is introscopy in design

Surgery is in place for laparoscopy of the proboscis in the case of:

  • Resuming the proboscis after sterilization
  • Inflammation of the proboscis of theuterus , blockage of the proboscis of the uterus in the distance

For proboscis proboscis (interstitial, waist segment) due to inflammation or iable inability to damage the proboscis, surgery is not invoicing.

2. What patients need to prepare before laparoscopic surgery

In order to perform laparoscopic surgery and resuming the proboscis of the uterus, patients with proboscis should:

  • General and specialist examinations to assess associated conditions
  • Learn about the risks, complications and complications of surgery
  • Perform full infertility tests
  • Uterus – uterus nozzle to evaluate the function of 2 uterus proboscis and uterus chamber


Uterus imaging – proboscis

3. Steps to perform laparoscopic surgery and resuming the proboscis

After preparing the pose and being anesthetic, the patient will undergo surgery in turn following the following steps:

Step 1: Diagnostic laparoscopy

  • Place the trocars in the lower edge of the navel and 2 left – right pelvic pits, in turn. In case of need for more, add trocar to the shore on the guard joint.
  • Conduct observations of the muscles on the navel, especially the liver
  • Observe the umbilical cord muscles to evaluate the uterus, 2 ovaries, 2 proboscis, bag with Douglas.
  • Evaluation of the throughsy of the proboscis

Step 2: Shape the proboscis

  • Conduct proboscis formation based on the principle of limiting maximum injury to neighboring agencies and at the contact site.
  • Remove sticking in 2 proboscis, 2 ovaries, bag with Douglas.
  • Expand the hose speaker if narrowing is detected, selectively hetbodies after the procedure
  • Open the speaker speaker, create the speaker tassels, pick up the bleeding selectively limiting the damage to the hose in case the speaker of the hose forms a sealed bag.
  • Check the throughship of the proboscis
  • Last check, stop the bleeding and wash the abdomen

Step 3: Resuming the proboscis

  • After removing the stick, cutting the scar and checking the level of communication of the proboscis, the surgeon will proceed to reconnect the proboscis according to the technique of consummity – to the end.
  • The stitches are stitched on the mescosa of the hose to put the two nozzle heads together.
  • The remaining stitches can stitch around 1 to 3 more
  • Re-check the throughship of the proboscis
  • Conduct the same technique in the opposite proboscis
  • Check again for lesions if available, stop bleeding and wash the abdomen


Resuming the proboscis

After laparoscopic surgery and resuming the proboscis, it is necessary to monitor the post-surgery epidemic, signs of survival, urine. Capture the uterus after a few months (if necessary). Artificial insefining (IUI) is in place for 4 to 6 cycles.

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  • Abnormal vaginal translation (bad smell, unusual color)
  • Pain, itching of the closed area
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