Laparoscopic surgery of the chest to remove small mediascinal tumors (<5cm)

Mediascular tumors will quietly develop and be difficult to detect, most cases of mediascular tumors are by chance detected through regular medical examinations or when the condition has reached a late stage. At this time, laparoscopic surgery of the chest to remove a small mediascinal tumor is something that needs to be done.

1. What is mediasth mediasm?

The medias center is the center of the chest, inside the mediass center are the muscles such as the thymus gland, the pectoral veins of the chest, the heart, the pericard membrane, the large blood vessels and nerves …

Mediascinal tumors will appear when germ cells or growth cells develop in thymus tissue or nerve tissue or lymphoblasts. Mediasc mediasm is located inside the thoracic cage, which can be before or after the mediass center. It also accounts for up to 90% of the pathology of the mediasm.

Mediascular tumors can be secondary or secondary tumors, which can form from benign or overly malignant cells. Based on the origin of the formation of cysts, this pathology is also classified into several types.

2. Mediasynth mediasm manifestations

Manifestations of mediasmoma are: Chest pain, shortness of breath when the patient is lying on his back. Difficulty breathing, wheezing, hissing and possible coughing up blood. If the tumor is inserted into the esta, the patient may have difficulty swallowing. In the long term, patients will experience fatigue, weight loss, body weakness, worsening of respiratory infections, swelling of the edema and pain in the joints.

The degree of anatomy damage and pathology disorders can sometimes be disproportionate, i.e. malignant tumors rarely appear symptoms and healed tumors present early and clearly.

Mediascular tumours will grow over time and pinch or invade other key agencies such as the heart, lungs, blood vessels … This will interfere with the respiration and respiration. Malignant tumors are also capable of migrating to the heart membrane or lungs and are life-threatening.

Debilitating body

Mediasthenia causes debilitating body

3. What is mediascopy?

Mediascular laparoscopic surgery is the minimal penetration into the chest for the treatment and treatment of pathology with the support of specialized endoscopic instruments and video screens.

  • Mediasto mediascopy is performed by making a small incision on the chest, forming an entrance to insert medias centered endoscopic tubes into the chest. These otoscopes have cameras attached so that the doctor can see the image directly on the screen.
  • During surgery, the surgeon may also conduct a number of tests if necessary. The doctor can take small specimens out of the patient's chest and take them for testing to get the most accurate diagnosis.

3.1 Introspection of mediastinal lumpectaroscopy is in place

Diagnosed cases:

  • There are mediassurgous tumours with a measured size on a computer-layered film that is small, less than 5cm. The tumor is not invasive or less invasive to neighboring organs in the chest or cysts.

3.2 Contrained cases

Patients with opposite lung damage and unable to conduct 1 lung ventilation or people with severe body diseases will not be prescribed this surgery. Contrained for patients with blood diseases, chronic diseases, hemolysis after unstable injuries, chest injuries from earlier …

4. Perform laparoscopy of the chest to remove small mediascinal tumours less than 5cm

After the preparation is complete and the necessary operations are performed, the surgeon will begin to perform the surgical technique as follows.

  • First, the doctor will use an electric knife to endoscopically operate on the tumor, i.e. remove the stickiness and burn the locations where there is bleeding during the operation. The purpose of the operation is to clarify and access the tumor culture vessels to control it.
  • The operation may require a hem bleeding clip or hem bleeding stitches for large blood vessels. Mediascular tumors located near the aortic vein, thoracic tube or diaphragm nerve … it is necessary to take great care to avoid hurting these components.
  • The surgeon removes the specimen from the pleural cavity, using a specialized bag to send it to the pathology surgery. Then check the tightness of the tumour from the lung melanoma and the mediasted detachment… Check the gas cut by pouring blood into the pleural cavity and then inflating the lungs to check. If there is still a phenomenon of gas blows through the beak, it must be sewn up immediately. Then drain the water to check the mediassm peeling area. If there is bleeding, stitches or endoscopic electrical combustion are required for treatment.
  • Finally, stop the trocar hematoma, pump the chest wash again then place silicone conduction inside the pleural cavity and continuously suck out the flow to prevent blockage due to blood clots. Then close the small open line, close the trocar holes after good lung hatching.


After surgery, accidents such as severe chest pain may occur

5. Do thoracic endoscopy, mediascinal tumour removal leave complications?

Most thoracic laparoscopic surgeries that remove mediascinal tumours leave no complications. In rare cases, endoscopy may be temporarily overwhelmed with nerves, causing patients to hoarseness, sometimes the condition may be i.m.

Patients may have excessive blood loss during laparoscopy and need a blood transfusion or switch to open surgery. That gas, the patient may be at risk of a pleural spill, i.e. a leakage of gas from inside the lungs. At this time, the patient should be intervened with drains between the two ribs within a few days.

Other serious but rare complications include collapse of the lungs and tearing of the ere.

After surgery, if the patient encounters the following problems, he/she must immediately notify the doctor:

  • Bleeding incisions, many and for long periods of time
  • High fever, non-stop hoarseness or signs of worsening
  • Chest pain is severe, neck is swollen
  • Appearance of dys swallowing, shortness of breath

Doctors always recommend that people have regular medical examinations at reputable medical facilities to detect and treat dangerous diseases such as mediastance if any.

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