Laparoscopic surgery puts the piece of the uterus hanging – the bladder into a protruding beak with a robotic arm

The article was consulted professionally by Dr. Nguyen Chi Quang, Obstetrics and Gynecology Department – Share99 Central Park International Health Hub.

Post-uterus – bladder is a disease that brings many difficulties for women especially in post-childbirth women in daily life. The disease will cause dangerous complications if not detected in time and have the right treatment.

1. What is a uterus? Signs of uterus sassy

Uterine dislapse is a phenomenon that occurs when the uterus drops into the vaginal canal, it is even possible to go outside the vagina due to ligaments and pelvic floor muscles stretching out, the uterus is not supported. The uterus is divided into 4 levels. Patients with degree II and III and IV uterus will undergo surgery to hang the uterus.

Signs of a person with a fall in the uterus depend on the level of the disease. For mild levels of the disease, it is difficult for patients to detect signs of illness due to unclear manifestations and do not cause much effect on daily life. Some specific manifestations of each level are as follows:

  • Level 1: patients often show signs of abdominal heavier abdominal pain before the menstrual cycle, when standing for a long time or when heavy labor often shows signs of back pain. Urinating a lot and the amount of urine every time you go is not much
  • Level 2: the person feels more pain, difficulty and heavier. The vagina bleeds abnormally, appears white spoiled gas, with mucus. During sex, the person will feel the uterus sagging outside the vaginal mouth
  • Level 3: the condition of the person becomes heavier and more dangerous. The uterus is swollen with ulcers, festering and sometimes yellowish discharge. The person may have a high fever, constipation when the disease worsens.
  • Level 4: Uterus, cervical, bladder prostheses completely out, causing CTC ulcers, patients can urinate, do not have interso genitals

Symptoms of uterine sassy can be confusing with some other diseases such as patients with ovarian cysts … Therefore, in order to be accurately diagnosed with your condition, it is necessary to immediately go to a reputable medical facility for examination.

Surgery for uterus

Uterus satation is a phenomenon that occurs when the uterus drops into the vaginal tube

2. What is bladder sa? Signs of bladder sassy

Bladder sa is a condition where a woman's bladder is deviated from the position and barges down the vagina.

When the vaginal city organs are weakened and cannot afford to keep the pelvic organs in the right place, bladder salapse occurs. It can cause the bladder to indent or bulge.

Muscle tension of the pelvic area such as calving, constipation, severe cough can also lead to bladder salapse.

If the bladder sassy condition is mild then there is no need to perform surgical treatment. However, if the patient has severe bladder salapse, surgery is required to keep the vagina and other pelvic organs in place.

Some signs of identifying patients with bladder sassy such as:

  • The bladder is lowered to the vagina: it feels like you are sitting on the ball when you sit down, when you get up or lie down there is no longer this feeling. This is the most recognizable sign of bladder sa.
  • Painful pelvic area: the person may feel pain, discomfort in the lower abdomen, pelvic area or vagina.
  • Urinary tract problems: you have no autonomy to urinate when coughing, sneezing, laughing when doing something due to pressure. The main cause is usually bladder sassy. Women with bladder sassosis often have bladder infections so it is important to note the frequency of urinary tract infections.
  • Pain after sex: possible causes of bladder sassyness
  • Back pain: women with uterus sassy often feel pain, ed i.e., lumbar discomfort.

Surgery for uterus

If bladder sassy is mild, there is no need to perform surgical treatment

3. Surgery to hang the uterus- bladder into the protruding beak

For the treatment of uterus, bladder sassing, mainly using open surgical methods. Currently, thanks to the progress of modern medicine, laparoscopic surgery is popular with many countries.

Share99 International Health Hub is implementing a new and modern surgical method with high accuracy: Endoscopy Put the uterus- bladder hanging graft into the protruding beak with less invasive surgery. This is a surgical method with a low risk of infection, short hospital stays as well as a fast recovery time of the patient.

Under the direction and implementation of Dr. Nguyen Chi Quang – 12 years of experience in laparoscopic surgery with a team of experienced and skilled doctors, patients with uterus – bladder will be operated with high safety and efficiency.

For more advice on the gynecological surgery promotion program and to schedule an examination and treatment at Central Park International General Health Hub, please contact hotline: 0283 6221 166 or register online HERE.

arm robot

Less invasive surgery with robotic arms


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