Manchester surgery to treat genital sassy

Genital sassing is quite common in heavily working, heavily born women,… There are many surgical methods in the treatment of genital sassies, including Manchester surgery.

1. Genital sassy at a time

Genital sassy is a common pathology, common in patients who have already gave birth. This is a phenomenon of low-fall of the uterus in the vagina or prox vuryngitis, which is usually accompanied by pre-vaginal prot prostheses and bladder or post-vaginal and rectal proxy. The disease is common in women who work hard, give birth a lot, give birth unsafely, in groups of 40-50 years of age or older. People who have never given birth may also have genital sassy but the incidence is lower and often only cervical slaying. The disease usually has no symptoms, so the patient only detects when there is a mass falling out. The disease is not life-threatening but affects the patient's life.

What is genital sassy

Genital sassy is the phenomenon of the uterus falling low or falling out

Genital sassy treatment regimens are aimed at supportive treatment, mitigation of the effects caused by the disease or radical treatment by surgical methods. Medical treatment includes: Rehabilitation, placing the lifting ring in the vagina, taking estrogen supplements prescribed to patients who are too old, have chronic diseases or do not have surgical conditions. Surgical treatment (surgery) is aimed at restoring the system of uterus support, lifting the bladder, redoing the front city – the back of the vagina, stitching the lift muscles and regenerating the perianth.

If the level of genital sassation is not severe, the use of a long-term lifting ring can improve the condition. In some cases, patients may experience undesirable complications such as: Cervical ulcers, ulcerative inflammation of the prosthesis, difficulty urinating, urinary incontinence, urinary tract infections, difficult urination, constipation,…

2. Overview of Manchester surgical methods for genital sassy treatment

2.1 Intraint specify, contrain specify

Manchester surgery includes: Restoration of the front and back of the vagina, with cervical amputation.

In which surgery of the uterus is instability:

  • Young women still want to have children, have 2nd degree genital sassy;
  • Older women suffer from second-degree genital sassy but do not have crossen surgery or a complete abdominal cirlitction.

Contraint of intrainmed surgery of the uterus:

  • Patients with old, unwell or severe medical conditions;
  • People with genital infections;
  • People with pelvic inflammatory inflammation ,which is very sticky in the subframe.

2.2 Preparation for surgery

  • Implementer: Specialist;
  • Facilities: Vaginal cirlitulative kits, patients are fully explained the reasons for surgery, sign surgical commitments, patients lie in the gynecological position, general anesthesia, prepare medical records, perform in the operating room.

2.3 Manchester surgery for genital sassy

  • Then 1: Widen the cervical cord with tools;
  • Then 2: Slitting and dissecting the mucosal fragment into the pre-vagina;
  • Then 3: Dissect the sa fallen bladder and push the bladder upwards;
  • Then 4: Dissect the mucosa into the back of the vagina;
  • Then 5: Pair of cervical vascular stalks and lateral ligaments;
  • Then 6: Cervical amputation;
  • Then 7: Cover the vaginal mucosa on the cervical slit of the back part;
  • Then 8: Fix the cervical amputation to the top and back with Fothergill stitches to fix the cutting beak in this position;
  • Then 9: Restoration of the cervical opening;
  • Then 10: Pre-vaginal restoration;
  • Then 11: The stage of recovery becomes after the vagina.

2.4 Post-surgery patient health monitoring

  • Monitor the state of the whole body, special signs of survival in the first 24 hours after Manchester surgery;
  • Monitors bleeding through the vagina and bleeding in the patient's abdomen;
  • Monitoring and care of bladder cathethethees;
  • Hygiene: Use betadin solution or other disinfectant solution to wipe the vagina, patient's biological layer;
  • Diet: Feed patients early and move early after surgery to quickly recover.

Patients should be monitored after surgery

Patients should be monitored for 24 hours after surgery

3. How to limit the risk of genital sassy?

To prevent the risk of genital sassy, women should pay attention to the following:

  • Planned childbirth, there should be only 1-2 offspring;
  • The ideal age of childbirth is that women aged 22 -29 because at this time the body parts have not degenerated so it is easy to recover;
  • Do not lay early or lay thickly;
  • Give birth in trusted specialized facilities to be monitored and handled promptly by a highly specialized doctor;
  • Do not let labor last, do not push for too long, perform procedures such as stitching up the post-birth torn layer of the student must ensure the correct design and technique;
  • After birth it is necessary to rest enough time for the muscles and pelvic ligaments to shrink. Absolutely do not work early before 3 months after birth, do not work hard or hard. If you have to work hard, you should only work again after giving birth for 6 months;
  • It is recommended to regularly change the position to rest, relax when working;
  • Early detection and treatment of chronic diseases that cause frequent increased abdominal pressure such as long-term constipation, chronic cough as this is the cause of genital sassy;
  • Eat enough substances, live in mode, practice physical exercise regularly as consulted by a doctor to strengthen the muscles and muscles of the perineum.

When in order to perform Manchester surgery to treat genital sassy, patients should absolutely follow the instructions of their doctor to ensure the highest effectiveness of treatment, avoiding unpredictable complications.

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