Early detection of red eye pain in babies

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Red eye pain or conjunctivitis is an inflammation of the inner part of the eyelids, which causes the blood vessels to become clear and produce pink or redness in the eyes. Babies with red eye pain are not uncommon because this pathology is common at any age. At this time, the child may feel itching in the eyes, and at the same time the secrete is quite a lot in the eye.

1. What causes babies to suffer from red eye pain

Red eye pain can be caused by eye infections or exposure to chemicals that cause irritation. Most often, the cause of a newborn with red eye pain is viral, bacterial or natural allergic infections.

Red eye pain in babies may appear in 1 day to 2 weeks after birth. The disease causes the child's eyes to become red, swollen eyelids. There are many causes of this condition such as: blockage of the glands, viral infections, bacteria transmitted from mother to child when overtaking … Namely the following:

1.1. Chlamydia red eye pain

It is a disease caused by the bacterium chlamydia trachomatis, which can cause red eye pain and genital infections. Pregnant women with this disease if not treated can transmit it to the baby during childbirth.

Common symptoms of conjunctivitis in babies caused by chlamydia are redness of the eyes, swelling of the eyelids and purulent discharge. These symptoms may appear within 5-12 days after birth. About 50% of chlamydia cases of red eye pain in babies are also infected in other parts of the body such as the lungs and nasopharynx.

1.2. Red eye pain caused by purulent gonorrhea

Similar to chlamydia red eye pain, red eye pain caused by purulent gonorrhea can also be transmitted from mother to child during childbirth. The disease will develop after birth for 2-4 days with symptoms such as redness of the eyes, swelling of the eyelids and thick pus in the eyes. This condition of red eye pain in babies can lead to very serious blood infections (sepsis), infection of the lining of the brain and spinal cord (meningitis).

1.3. Red eye pain caused by irritation to the drug

Some eye microbes are specific to babies to prevent bacterial infections that can cause irritation. In this case, the young eye may be slightly red and slightly swollen.

1.4. Other causes

Some other viruses and bacteria in the mother's body can cause red eye pain in babies such as those that live in the vagina (although not sexually transmitted),viruses that cause genital herpes …


Some other viruses and bacteria in the mother's body can cause red eye pain in babies

2. Signs of red eye pain

Common signs of red eye pain in babies such as:

2.1 Red eyes

The first sign of the disease is that the white part of the eye turns red or pink. This appears due to inflammation of small blood vessels on the surface of the eyes. The condition of the red eye usually begins in one eye, but then spreads to the other within 24 to 48 hours. The inside of the eyelids is also unusually red, which parents can check by gently pulling down the lower eyelids for observation.

2.2 Mucous and watery eyes

When the eyes begin to redness, the eyes also appear mucus, also known as yellow, white or blue. Mucus begins to thicken at the corners of the eyes, eventually covering the entire surface of the eyes. In the morning, it will be difficult to open the eyes due to the mucus accumulated in the eyes.

2.3 Swollen eyes

When the inflammation of the eyelids caused by red eye pain becomes severe, the eyelids and the area around the eyes will become swollen. Swollen eyes are so severe that it is difficult for the child to open his eyes.

2.4 Eye-limiting symptoms

Red eye pain is an infection that occurs only in the eyes. Red eye pain does not cause fever, fatigue, poor eating or any other overall symptoms.

Parents should take their child to see a doctor immediately if:

  • Young eyes are getting reder and more swollen.
  • Rusty eyes are dark yellow or blue.
  • The baby cries constantly and appears high fever.
  • There's membranes in your baby's eyes.
  • After 5 days, the child's red eye pain has not shown any signs of remission.

3. Effective cure for red eye pain for babies

Eye-catching for children

Some conditions may take antibiotics in the form of eye painkillers or eye ointments

Doctors can treat newborn red eye pain caused by bacterial infections. The course of treatment will depend on the severity of the infection and the cause of the disease. Some mild conditions of antibiotics are used such as eye sprays or eye ointments. Other antibiotics are taken orally or intravenously.

Treatment of conjunctivitis in severe newborns can combine top-based, oral, intravenous antibiotics. Washing infected eyes with saline solution will remove the accumulated purulent eye rust, wash off the pathogens.

Conjunctivitis caused by a blockage of the tear glands can be treated by a gentle massage between the eyes and the nasal area. If the disease does not go away after 1 year, the child may need to be intervened with ethical procedures…

Specific treatment for each group of red eye pain causes is as follows:

  • Chlamydia conjunctivitis

Oral antibiotics are often used to treat b pond conjunctivitisincluding erythromycin. Only top-site treatment is ineffective because it is not possible to remove the bacteria in the infant's pharynx, and these bacteria can lead to life-threatening pneumonia if not treated properly.

However, the therapeutic effect of full-body erythromycin is about 80% so it is often necessary to combine with local antibiotics (erythromycin ointment) as an additional measure.

  • Gonorrhea conjunctivitis

Often combining small drugs, active drug examination, heavy conditions should consider taking intravenous antibiotics to treat gonorrhea conjunctivitis. If left uns treated, babies may develop corneal ulcers (open sores in the cornea) and easily lead to blindness.

  • Conjunctivitis caused by drug allergies

Since this type of conjunctivitis is caused by irritation of small drugs, it is usually a small discontinuation, a change of medication. Babies will typically be 24 to 36 hours stronger. Care with balm to protect the eyeball.

  • Bacterial and other viral conjunctivitis

Take appropriate antibiotics in the form of small drugs or ointments to treat bacterial conjunctivitis other than Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonorrhoeae. Local antibiotics may be considered if there is a second bacterial infection in cases of birth defects.

Viral conjunctivitis treatment mainly supports the reduction of irritation with anti-inflammatory drugs, and at the same time takes lubricants that protect the eyeballs, alleating eye irritation.

As soon as a child is suspected to have red eyepain, parents should take the child to the doctor. Your doctor will check your child's eye condition and offer treatment on a case-by-case scenario. Parents also need to wash their hands often, especially before and after the parents check the child's eyes to avoid inflammation from spreading.

Red eye pain is quite contagious, so parents need to be careful so that other members of the house do not get sick of the child. When the child has red eyes, parents should keep the child at home, not in public places. Mothers also need to regularly wash their children's bed linen, towels and face wipes.

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