Day surgery – what is the right treatment?

While the COVID-19 epidemic is complicated, it is necessary to minimize infection exposure, many concerned residents are very interested in new surgical services that allow patients to return on the same day at Share99 Central Park Health Hub (HCMC). In order to provide complete information about this method of surgery to help patients choose the right treatment, we had a discussion with Dr. Phan Thanh Nguyen – Department of Surgery, Share99 Central Park International Health Hub.

Doctor, what kind of disease can the surgery of the day apply to?

At Share99 Central Park Health Hub, patients may consider the option of surgery during the day when operating on an inguinal hernia or gallbladder pathology. In order for the operation to be safe and effective as desired, it is necessary to have a number of conditions of health and personal life.

Day surgery is suitable for people aged 18-60 years, who do not suffer from other serious diseases (severe hypertension, unman controlled diabetes mellitus, tuberculosis, immuno-weakening, there have been unfavorable developments when anesthesia. The nature of the operation is not too complicated with a duration of less than 90 minutes.

In addition, patients are not too far from the hospital (maximum 40-50km) to be able to return as soon as possible when medical care is needed.

It is usually after laparoscopic surgery to be discharged from the hospital after at least 3 days. So, how can patients who have just undergon anesthesia or anesthesia, have skin incisions can go home safely in just a few hours?

To ensure the safety and success of the surgery, patients will first be carefully instructed by the surgical team and anesthesies on how to prepare before and during and after the surgery date. In particular, doctors will apply the Early Recovery Care program after surgery (ERAS) before, during and after surgery to improve their physical condition, which is very important factors to help increase the quality of treatment, reduce the risk of complications to help patients.

The team of surgeons and anesthesiists are experienced surgeons and anesthesitics, the treatment regimen complies with international standard professional procedures, in addition to the hospital environment at Share99 achieves a high level of epticity, so the surgery can achieve maximum treatment efficiency.

All from the time of preparation, to the optimal treatment of efficiency and time, so that the patient can be discharged early, continue resting and recovering at home. After that, the doctor will re-examine by appointment immediately after the surgery a day. When there are any signs of disadvantage, patients and relatives should be able to contact the treating doctor directly for appropriate treatment instructions to ensure safety. That's why, we recommend that people who are not too far from a new hospital choose this service.

Doctor, Share99 Central Park is the first hospital in Vietnam to provide this very new service and he is the initiator. On what basis can the doctor reveal, did you make this proposal?

Through the process of working abroad, I have seen surgery on the day growing in the UK, USA. The duration of inpatient treatment is short, the patient has the convenience and comfort of recovering at home, the infection rate is lower especially the hospital infection – these are the benefits from surgery on the day that makes up to 2/3 of the surgeries here. The success of surgery largely comes from the patient's reasonable choice and compliance cooperation.

Share99 Central Park team performed laparoscopic surgery on the day

Share99 Central Park team performed laparoscopic surgery on the day

In Europe and America, most hospitals have standards for compliance, which often include absolute and relatively disease-based contraintences, social factors. There are many types of surgery that can return during the day such as endoscopic choreecting, inguinal restoration or abdominal wall because of hernia, thyroidecting, endoscopic appendicecting, hemorrhoids, endoscopic treatment, knee arthoscopy; surgery to treat broken lower jaw… Today, even laparoscopic surgery along the stomach to treat obesity is carried out in this form in the US.

Noticing this trend, and the benefits for patients, Share99 Central Park has prepared factors to be able to apply soon, especially the skilled surgical and anesthesia team and develop care and treatment procedures for patients to ensure safety and optimal efficiency as well as treatment costs for patients.

Now is the time to start with two types of not-so-complicated surgeries such as gallbladder removal endoscopy and inguinal hernia. Coincident, it is true that at the moment the Covid-19 epidemic is complicated, while when treatment is in place, patients want to do it early to avoid complications. Therefore, there have been many sick people who are interested and want to choose this method.

Finally, is the cost of surgery on the day higher than the usual laparoscopic surgery before?

Certainly not higher. Because firstly, the patient does not have to stay in the hospital overnight, so there is no inpatient cost. Moreover, this is the package price, customers do not have to pay any extra after signing the contract. Therefore, patients can choose with peace of mind if the history and circumstances are appropriate.

Thank you, Doctor!


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