Medical abortion (by drug) up to the end of 9 weeks of inestaking

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Every year in Vietnam, it is estimated that more than half a million abortions take place. In which, the methods of abortion with drugs or also known as medical abortions up to the end of 9 weeks of amnicity are chosen by many people, but not everyone understands and can apply this method.

1. What is a 9-week abortion?

Medical abortion (by drug) until the end of 9 weeks of amnication is the method of termination of pregnancy in the uterus by using a combination of two drugs, Mifepristone and Misoprostol to cause natural abortions, applicable to pregnancies up to the end of 9 weeks (i.e. 63 days).

2. Steps to perform a drug abortion until the end of 9 weeks

For pregnancies up to 49 days (7 weeks)

  • Take 200mg of Mifepristone at a medical facility (reputable specialized medical facilities should be selected) and monitored after 15 minutes of drinking.
  • After that, drink or suck under the tongue 400mcg Misoprostol after taking mifepriston from 36 to 48 hours, can be taken in a medical facility or at home.

Contraceptive pill mifepristone

Use Mifepristone 200mg

For pregnancies between 50 and 63 days (9 weeks)

  • Drink 200mg of Mifepristone.
  • Under-the-tongue 800 mcg Misoprostol (or can be placed in the vagina) after taking Mifepriston for 36 to 48 hours, is required to be performed in a medical facility and monitored at a medical facility at least 3 hours after insorting.

3. Cases in which it is not recommended to have an abortion with drugs

The absolute contraint contraceptives of drug abortion in the following cases:

  • Diseases of the athline glands
  • Long-term use of corticoid anti-inflammatory
  • Cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension, 2-leaf heart valve stenosis,blockage of blood vessels in the body or have ever had an embol
  • Blood diseases such as blood clot disorders , theuse of anti-freezing drugs or when there is severe anemia.
  • Mifepristone allergy or misoprostol.

Cases where a doctor may consider using a drug abortion:

  • Breastfeeding mothers
  • Considerations for patients with in-uterus instruments. If a uterus instrument is used, it is necessary to remove it before an abortion with medication
  • Suffering from acute genital infections, treatment is required before an abortion

blood clot disorders

Pathology of blood clot disorders in women

4. Does a 9-week abortion hurt?

The use of the drug for abortion will probably be painless. However, other complications of this method that can occur and make the patient feel uncomfortable and dangerous include:

  • Prolonged bleeding leads to fatigue and anemia. At that time, depending on the situation, the doctor can be admitted to the hospital for timely monitoring and treatment.
  • Bacterial infections are very rare. In the event of this complications, the person may have fever, fatigue, chills, abnormal outbreaks in the uterus such as bad breath, blood and abdominal pain. At that time, it is necessary to be hospitalized for treatment with antibiotics and other supportive drugs.

Obstetrics and Gynecology Examination

Patients should be treated and monitored at the hospital (illustrated)

5. How to monitor after an abortion with the drug?

Follow-up in the early hours after medication

  • It is necessary to monitor for signs of survival such as bloodpressure, pulse, temperature once an hour for the first 3 hours.
  • Vaginal bleeding, abdominal pain and symptoms due to drug side effects such as vomiting, nausea, diarrhea,fever.

Re-examination after 2 weeks to assess the effectiveness of medical abortion methods

  • If the miscarriage is complete, the treatment will be completed.
  • When the pregnancyis missed, the placenta – the still-circulating fetus can continue to take misoprostol at a mere dose of 400 to 600 mcg or suck it under the tongue or proceed to the suction of the uterus chamber.
  • If pregnancy is recorded to continue to develop, it is necessary to smoke the pregnancy.
  • Blood retention in the uterus: depending on the degree, it is possible to treat the internal medicine or suck the uterus to solve the problem.

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Gynecology examination

Women should see a doctor after having a drug abortion for a health check

According to obstetrician and gynecologist experts, any method of abortion has its limitations. Drug abortions or medical abortions do not touch "cutlery" but do not necessarily pose a risk to health.

To ensure safety, it is absolutely not allowed to use abortion pills at home. Because if the drug is not supervised by a specialist, the user of the drug will be susceptible to the risk of prolonged bleeding that causes blood loss, blood bandages can still occur, even loss of the ability to become a mother.

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