Balloons slightly treat mood spasms

Mental spasms are a pathology that seriously affects the quality of life of the patient. To treat cons spasms of the mind, patients can use medication, surgery or air balloon intervention. In particular, the method of vapor ballooning is widely applied today.

1. What is cons contraction of the mind?

Cons contraction of the mind is a state of the dysolypical movement of the lumbarity, characterized by an dilable lower lumbarity of the lumbarity, inadequate muscle dility and the inoillion of the lumbarity. People between the ages of 30 and 40 often suffer from cons contractions and the incidence in 2 sexes is equal.

Mood spasms usually progress for long periods of time with the common symptom of choking (both liquid food and hard food). Other symptoms of the disease include vomiting, chest pain, reflux, weight loss, food choking, inhaled pneumonia,…

Cons contractions of the mind can cause dangerous complications such as:

  • Respiratory complications: Recurrent pneumonia, pulmonary ,…;
  • Inflammation of the encephalitis, which can lead to stenosis of the encephalitis;
  • Esophagus cancer.

Belching belching of gastric reflux

People with mood spasms often show symptoms of reflux

2. Details of the method of ballooning slightly treats cons spasms of the mind

For the treatment of cons spasms of the mind, the doctor may prescribe the following methods:

2.1 Medical treatment

  • Taking calcium and nitrate channel inhibitors: Effective in 10% of patients with cons contractions of the mind, in indications for older patients, it is impossible to balloon or operate;
  • Botulinum toxin pump: Pumped into the muscle layer of the center of the otoscopy through the otoscopy of the ere. This method is effective in 30% of cases of cons contractions of the mind and the effect can last for about 1 year;
  • Omesophageal nong: An inflatable balloon is a method of using a vapor balloon with a pressure gauge to insert into the fulness of the ences through an endoscope and then carry out a vapor balloon inflator to minimize the lower lumbar striosis muscle, tearing the sing muscles causing loss of spasm effect but still retaining the mucous layer. After ballooning, perform a esophagus examination with a water-soluble phototholucent to determine that there is no perforation of the esophagus. This method has a success rate of 70-80% but there is a risk of complications of perforation of the esophagus (rate of 5%), esophagus reflux (25%) and 50% of patients need ballooning more than once. If the balloons slightly fail, surgery will be in designated;

2.2 Surgical treatment

Cut the lumbar sedic muscles, cut heller muscles.

2.3 Purpose of vapor ballooning method

The purpose of the ballooning method to treat cons contractions of the mind is to tear off the sorority muscles of the lower lumbar sysic muscles. The most commonly used balloon is Rigiflex Boston, choosing one of three types of diameters of 30, 35 and 40mm. 30mm balloons are often used for patients with nong for the first time. Patients with recurrent mood spasms may have a larger balloon.

Cons contraction of the mind

Vapor ballooning helps to tear off the sorority layers of the lower lumbar sysic

2.4 Contrain specify/contrain specify


Patients with primitive mood spasms.


  • Patients with second-party or un ruled cancer spasms;
  • Diaphragm hernia is accompanied by consym spasms of the mind;
  • Fungal encephalitis;
  • Have severe medical diseases such as respiratory failure, myocardial infarction

2.5 Preparation of balloons

  • Personnel: Doctors and assistants;
  • Technical means: Endoscopic machine of the duodenal gastroesophageal endoscopy, a slightly glossy tube 30- 35mm in diameter, 10cm long; pressuremeters, conductors; fluorescent monitors;
  • Patients: Be tested and explained the purpose of surgery, the process of implementation, the risk of accidents; fasting 24 hours before nong (can be fed intravenously), if the stomach is enlarged, stagnant a lot of food may need to put the sonde tube sucking out the food;
  • Medical records: Prepare in accordance with the prescribed procedures.

2.6 Perform vapor balloons

  • Patients are given intravenous anesthesia or inor administration anesthesia if the disease is severe, there are many coordinated diseases;
  • Insymity with throat anesthetic;
  • Patient position: Lying on your left side;
  • Perform an endoscopy to evaluate the eresophasophasophasophageal – stomach;
  • Place the endoscope in the taste cave, through the bioettic canal to insert the conductor into the stomach;
  • Unpll the endoscope and leave the conductor;
  • Insert the balloon into the encesophasophasophus – the mind, monitor on the fluorescent screen, determine the nong ball is in the right position;
  • Inflatables are less likely to see the area with spasms;
  • Inflatable until the waist position of the ball seen on the fluorescent screen is completely erased. The vapor balloon pressure is about 5PSI;
  • Endoscopy assesses the effectiveness of nong and abdominal X-rays detect early complications of perforation of the esophagus.

Laparoscopic surgery for double intestine treatment

Endoscopy to assess berries after vapor ballooning

2.7 Monitoring and care after ballooning

  • Give the patient antibiotics as prescribed;
  • Monitor for signs such as chest pain, bleeding, suspected symptoms of perforation of the esophagus;
  • If perforation of the esophagus is suspected, the patient is given a lung X-ray or a computer ct scan for timely evaluation and treatment.

2.8 Possible complications

  • Bleeding: Seen in most patients but usually with little bleeding;
  • Pain: Common complications;
  • Perforation of the esophagus: Rarely occurs, handled according to the standard regimen.

The effectiveness of the method of vapor ballooning is from 50-93%. Nog efficiency is better in patients who use balloons of a larger diameter (however, the rate of complications is also higher). When implementing this method, patients should strictly follow the instructions of the doctor to treat the disease effectively, reducing the risk of accidents.

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