Does rectal endoscopy hurt?

The article was written by ThS.BS Vu Tan Phuc – Endo pediatrician, Department of Medical Examination and Internal Medicine – Share99 Phu Quoc International Health Hub.

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The rectum is a part located in the abdomen, connecting the colon and the tube. The rectum is a straight intestinal segment about 11-15cm long, the head of the rectum is shaped like a ghost chain, the end of the rectum dilates to form a rectal shadow. The main function of the rectum is to store waste. At the same time participate in the process of disposal. However, this department often suffers from diseases such as ulcerative inflammation, polyps, cancer,…

1. What is rectal endoscopy? Endoscopic introscopy

rectal endoscopy is a procedure that inserts a soft endoscope into the anus, to the rectum for the diagnosis and treatment of rectal diseases. Therefore, the introscopy of the rectal anus usually includes the following inicities:

  • Go to the blood bridge
  • Dysmenm disturbances: pain, inaubity, difficulty inemen
  • Stool properties disorders
  • Bleeding colorectal inflammation
  • Crohn's disease
  • Cancer
  • Polyps
  • fistula
  • cracking
  • itching

Colon polyps

Colon Polyps Pathology

2. Preparation before colorectal endoscopy

The laparoscopic process takes place very quickly, does not take much time. However, to be able to do so you will need to clean the rectum.

  • The patient is explained about the benefits and complications of rectal endoscopy, after which the patient will be removed 2 times (the evening before and the next morning before 3h) or microlax pump 2 times (the evening before and the next morning).
  • After the preparation is complete, the patient will go to the bed for an endoscopy, prepare an endoscopy.
  • First step: visit the rectal anus and insert the lamp after lubricating the machine with lidocain or silicone grease.
  • Insert the lamp into the rectum, looking for a way.
  • Rectal screening is less difficult, the entire rectum can be observed when coordinating the reverse rotation.
  • Biopsy: When there is a lesion, the doctor presses with a biopsy pliers, cutting polyps when polyps have stalks.
  • The total laparoscopic period is usually about 5 to 10 minutes.

Rigid tubular rectal endoscopy

Colorectal endoscope

In fact, the rectum is a straight segment of the large intestine. In combination with a soft endoscope and a doctor's experience, patients with rectal endoscopy often feel slightly deprived of the lower abdomen and feel s bridges. But most patients can withstand the end of the endoscopy due to the endoscopic passage inserted into the anus only about 15 to 20cm. However, the pain threshold is different in each person.

Therefore there are some people who have a lower likelihood of suffering. In these people, in order not to feel pain during rectal endoscopy, the doctor will conduct pre-anaesthetic for the patient before the endoscopy. During the endoscopy, the patient will sleep and do not know how painful it is.

This is an easy-to-implement, low-cost technique that offers accurate diagnosis, high ability to intervene and is less annoying to the patient.

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