Bronchoscopy with fluorescent light

Bronchoscopy with fluorescent light can detect local carioccal cancer, dysscopic lesions where white light bronchoscopy is simply difficult to identify.

1. What is bronchoscopy with fluorescent light?

Currently, bronchoscopy plays an important role in the location of bronchial lesions and biopics to identify pathology. This method is based on the principle of dys malignant tissue and malignanc reduces fluorescent systa signals compared to normal tissue.

Bronchoscopy with fluorescent light is a soft endoscopic method that uses blue light for observation to detect pre-malignant and malignant lesions that by the usual bronchoscopy method are not detected based on the different principles of light capture and self-glow of tumor tissue and healing tissue.

The filtered image is processed to put on the screen, the normal organization will be blue and unusual will be red. Bronchoscopy techniques with fluorescent light are used to detect dysscopic lesions, local tumours or cancerous invasives that are not normally detectable by bronchoscopy.

However, this method has certain limitations, namely bleeding lesions or inflammatory lesions that will give a reddish-brown color, so the diagnosis is determined based on the results of a biosy.


Bronchoscopy helps diagnose and identify lesions

2. Bronchoscopy intro contraintence and contraintence with fluorescent light

Bronchoscopy with fluorescent light is contrained in the following cases:

  • Have a history of allergies to anesthetics, anesthesia.
  • Hea bleeding disorders
  • Medium to severe respiratory failure.
  • Myocardial infarction; severe heart failure.

Disorders of the blood clot process

Patients with heath hem hemous hemulation disorders should not have an endoscopy

Bronchoscopy with fluorescent light in the case of:

  • There are earlier dysposity images; Stage of bronchial cancer.
  • Early detection of bronchial cancer in high-risk subjects such as smoking, laos,… positive cell test.
  • Detection of meta meta metaphysical lesions or recurrent lesions in the bronchial endoscopy for patients who have undergone surgery and radiotherapy caused by bronchial cancer.
  • There is suspicion of bronchial cancer for people who cough up blood without seeing the usual bronchoscopy lesion.

3. Bronchoscopic steps with fluorescent light

Bronchoscopic steps with fluorescent light are carried out as follows:

  • Step 1: Prepare equipment including: soft bronchoscope; signal converter; xenon light source and white light; bio-pliers: 01 built; suction machine; anesthetics, anesthesia, shock resistance and some other specialized equipment.
  • Step 2: Conduct tests for patients before the procedure.
  • Step 3: The person who does the procedure of anesthesia of the nasopharynx for the patient, and then conducts bronchoscopy according to the bronchoscopy procedure of the hose. Note: Avoid causing scratches, constriosis or bleeding of the lining of the bronchial gas.
  • Step 4. After placing the endoscope, the surgeon clicks the light system switch on the top of the otoscope to detect the lesions. If damage is detected, a biosy and combing should be performed.
  • Step 5: Remove the drain, blood generated by the procedure and remove the otoscope from the patient.
  • Step 6: Guide the patient to fast for 2 hours after the endoscopy.

Bronchoscopy image with fluorescent light

Bronchoscopy image with fluorescent light

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