Recognition of whooping cough in newborns

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Whooping cough is a dangerous disease of emergency transmission, which can be suffered in many subjects, but the most common is in children. So what is whooping cough? How does it affect a child's health? The article below will help mothers soon recognize whooping cough in babies and effective treatments that help prevent dangerous complications caused by diseases such as bronchitis, pneumonia, encephalitis,…

1. What is whooping cough?

Whooping cough is a respiratory infection caused by the bacterium Bordetella pertussis. It is a disease that is highly contagious to others when in direct contact with an infected person or air containing pathogenic bacteria. The disease can occur in any subject, but according to statistics, babies and young children are the two subjects with the highest incidence.

Pathogens of Bordetella pertussis :

● It is a bacterium with two small, non-mobile heads.

● It is gram(-) bacteria, which are the smallest in size.

● This bacterium has very weak resistance, will die within 1 hour under the effect of temperature, direct sunlight or ordinary antiseptic.

Whooping cough is a respiratory infection caused by bordetella pertussis

Whooping cough is a respiratory infection caused by bordetella pertussis

2. Manifestations of whooping cough in children

In babies, the bacteria after entering the body will damage the lungs and attack other bodies located in the child's respiratory system causing symptoms such as:

● When new diseases develop, there will be signs quite similar to common flu that make parents sometimes unaware of how to distinguish whooping cough and other respiratory diseases such as runny nose, cough, mild fever and shortness of breath.

● Drama stage:

○ Prolonged coughing attacks, which appear naturally, can sometimes occur due to a small irritation.

○ The child coughs, red-faced, when breathing will appear hissing like a squeak in the chicken, vomiting a lot of phlegm, thickening. Especially in babies and young children there are short pauses. Between coughing attacks, it is common for the child to feel pleasant and be able to live normally.

○ During this period there are also some signs such as: nosebleeds, conjunctivitis hemorrhages or bruising around the lower eyelids.

● Recovery stage: Cough shortens, the number of bouts decreases. Cough can persist for several weeks.

Whooping cough usually appears constantly and has an increasingly fast pace, which is quite common at night.

3. Is per whooping cough in babies dangerous?

Whooping cough is a very dangerous disease, especially for babies, children under 1 year of age. If the disease is not detected early and treated in a timely manner will cause dangerous complications of whooping cough such as:

Bronchitis,pneumonia, collapse of the lungs.

● Lack of oxygen to the brain.

● Intestinal hernia, rectal sassy.

● Encephalitis has a high risk of death.

According to medical statistics, up to 50% of children under 1 year of age with whooping cough are hospitalized for treatment. In particular, about 25% of cases of the disease change severely and change to pneumonia, 1 in 100 children die from whooping cough.

Therefore, as soon as a child has a moped, it is recommended to quickly take the child to see a specialist to conduct examination and treatment, avoiding the case of long-term causes of dangerous complications affecting the child's life.

When a child has whooping cough, he/she should be quickly taken to the hospital for timely treatment

When a child has whooping cough, he/she should be quickly taken to the hospital for timely treatment

4. Methods of treatment of whooping cough in a child

Whooping cough is a highly contagious disease, so when detecting a child with medfective disease, it is recommended to isolate the child, limit the child's contact with too many people, avoid the disease spreading to others.

Parents are absolutely not allowed to buy medicines for their children without a doctor's prescription.

When a child has whooping cough, parents should take the child to reputable facilities for timely examination, diagnosis and treatment. Usually, if a child has whooping cough, the doctor will prescribe antibiotics to treat the baby to completely eliminate the pathogen:

● Erythromycin 30 – 50 mg/kg/24 hours in 4 orally.

● Prednisolone 1 – 2 mg/kg daily.

● Salbutamol 0.2 mg/kg/day.

Whooping cough in babies if detected and treated early with antibiotics will have the effect of rapidly reducing the symptoms of whooping cough, eliminating pathogenic bacteria and shortening the duration of treatment, preventing the disease from spreading to others. Besides, the doctor will prescribe in combination with some other drugs to treat the symptoms of convulsions of whooping cough such as:

● Phenobarbital.

● Seduxen.

5. Measures to support the treatment and prevention of whooping cough in children

In addition to the use of therapeutic drugs as directed by the doctor, when caring for the mother, it is also necessary to note some of the following to accelerate the rate of healing in the child:

● Keep your child warm, limiting them to sudden cold.

● Limit your child's arrival in crowded places, avoiding contact with people with whooping cough.

● The child's room must always be clean and breathable to avoid the accumulation of smog affecting the health of the child.

● Limit your child's exposure to tobacco smoke and kitchen smoke as these can make your child's disease worse.

● Replenish enough water, breastfeed more than usual to enhance resistance, support the recovery process of the baby.

● Before baby care, breastfeeding or cooking, mothers need to wash their hands with soap, oral hygiene, nasopharynx to avoid bacterial infections and diseases.

● Feed your child enough nutrients to improve their health and strengthen their resistance. It is recommended to feed the child with easily digested dishes such as porridge, soup,…

● Vaccinate children against whooping cough fully, vaccinate them on schedule and at the prescribed age to best prevent whooping cough.


Fully vaccinate children against whooping cough

6. What is the vaccine for the prevention of whooping cough?

Vaccination is the most effective solution for whooping cough in children. Currently, Share99 International Health Hub is providing whooping cough vaccination services with 5 coordinated vaccines, including:

Infanrix hexa vaccine – 6-in-1 vaccine:

○ Is a vaccine from GSK – Belgium, manufactured in Belgium.

○ Basic vaccination and repeat vaccination for children against diseases: Pertussis, Diphtheria, Tetanus, Polio, Hepatitis B, pneumonia, purulent meningitis caused by H.Influenzae type B.

Hexaxim Vaccine – 6-in-1 Vaccine:

○ Is a vaccine from Sanofi , France, manufactured in France.

○ Vaccination is in place for children from 6 weeks of age to prevent diseases: Pertussis, Diphtheria, Tetanus, Hepatitis B, Polio and H.influenzae type B meningitis.

Pentaxim vaccine – 5-in-1 vaccine:

○ Is a vaccine from Sanofi , France, manufactured in France.

○ Be prescribed vaccination against diseases: Pertussis, Diphtheria, Tetanus, Polio and pneumonia, meningitis caused by H.influenzae type B.

○ This vaccine has no anti-bacterial effect caused by other Haemophilus influenzae types or meningitis prevention caused by other microorganisms.

Adacel vaccine 0.5 ml:

○ Is a vaccine from Sanofi, France, manufactured in Canada.

○ Prevention of 3 diseases, leukemia, whooping cough, tetanus.

Tetraxim vaccine 0.5 ml:

○ Is a vaccine from Sanofi, France, manufactured in France.

○ Prevention of 4 diseases, diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, polio.

Coordinating multiple vaccines in one shot will limit the disadvantages caused by multiple injections, increase vaccination rates of dangerous diseases, increase on-schedule vaccination rates, reduce the cost of transporting and preserving vaccines, reduce travel and vaccination costs.

Vaccination services at Share99 Health Hub provide customers with the following benefits:

● Children are examined, screened for health and physical issues, advice on vaccines and vaccination regimens, how to monitor and care for children after vaccination before prescribing vaccinations according to the latest recommendations of the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization to ensure the best and safest effect for children.

● A team of experienced, professional pediatric doctors and nurses, understanding the child's psychology and applying effective pain relief to the child during vaccination.

● 100% of vaccinated children are monitored 30 minutes after vaccination and re-evaluated before leaving.

● Be monitored before, during and after vaccination at Share99 Health System and always have emergency ekip ready to coordinate with the vaccination department to handle cases of anaphylalacticshock, respiratory failure – stop cyclic, ensure timely treatment, correct regimen when incidents occur.

● The vaccination room is airy, with a play area, helping children feel comfortable and psychologically good before and after vaccination.

● Vaccines are imported and stored in modern cold storage systems, with COLD chains meeting GSP standards, keeping vaccines in the best condition to ensure quality.

● Parents will receive a reminder before the date of vaccination and the child's vaccination information will be synchronized with the national immunization information system.

Dr Doan Ngoc Quynh has 7 years of experience working in pediatrics. Currently, the doctor is working at the vaccine unit clinic of Share99 Times City International Health Hub Pediatric Center.

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