Causes and effects of double uterus

Double uterus is a case of abnormal deformities in the shape of the uterus of females. This condition adversely affects the development of the fetus, which can cause premature birth, still life or malnourished fetuses in the baby's stomach. In addition, it also impairs natural pregnancy, even at high risk of dangerous obstetric accidents for both mother and baby.

1. What is a double uterus?

The uterus, also known as the uterus, is the body that performs the function of reproduction of women. Usually the female genitals will have one uterus, 2 proboscis and one vaginal line. However, the double uterus (double uterus) is a rare case of congenital abnormalities, typical for abnormalities in the uterus, in thousands of people only about 1 person suffers.

People with a double uterus will have two uterus chambers, they can be detached or have a body part attached to each other. Each chamber can lead to the cervical or vaginal. When a pregnant woman has a double uterus, the arterial branches that feed the fetus are always scattered, adding and there, the uterus is small and narrow, having difficulty in stretching is very easy to lead to miscarriage, delayed fetusdevelopment, premature birth, even still still life.

Double uterus has many different forms, including:

  • Septum uterus: the female genitals have a uterus but are double-separated by a septum. The septum uterus still has a structure of two ovaries, two ovulation tubes and a cervical attached to a vaginal tube.
  • Two-horned uterus: the uterus is divided into two different parts but still shares the same cervical connection with the vagina. Each side of the uterus will connect to a separate ovaries and a proboscis.
  • Two uterus: the female genitals will have two uterus connected to two separate cervicals, however there is only 1 vagina. On each side of the uterus there will be 1 ovaries and 1 ovulation.

Is the double uterus dangerous?

Double uterus

2. Causes of double uterus

The double uterus is an abnormality in the uterus that occurs during the formation of the fetus. During the development of the embryo, the uterus of the fetus will be formed thanks to the merger of two Müllerian parallel ducs, which then form a hollow organ called the uterus. If the merger of these two tubes takes place in accordance with the general rule, a completely normal uterus will be formed. On the contrary, if an abnormality occurs during the merger, it will lead to a double uterus or a two-horned uterus.

However, the cause of the double uterus associated with this not-quite-complete merger has not yet been determined. There are many studies that believe that genetic factors are most likely one of the main causes of this rare double uterus condition.

Women with a double uterus usually have a cervical and a vagina, or it is possible that each uterus will have a separate cervical. In most cases, along the vagina will appear a thin septum, which divides the vagina into two separate reclinings.

People with a double uterus can still conceive as usual, however these abnormalities in the uterus may experience some complications such as a high risk of miscarriage, premature birth, fetus developmental delay, which can even cause infertility.

3. Signs of double uterus recognition

Women with double uterus are difficult to check with the naked eye because the uterus is deep in the abdominal cavity, it also does not cause pain or any manifestations. Therefore, it is only possible to detect the uterus sometimes the obstetrician conducts a pelvic examination or conducts the prescribed photo tests.

Mostly, women with double uterus still lead normal sex lives like others, they can even get pregnant and give birth. However, there are some cases where having a double uterus encounters the following problems:

  • Abnormal menstruation
  • Infertility
  • abort
  • Premature birth
  • Post-birth bleeding.

Is the double uterus dangerous?

Some cases of double uterus experience erratic menstruation

4. How does pregnancy sometimes affect the fetus?

Women with double uterus are often very difficult to have children. Because the uterus is divided in half, the fertilized egg into the uterus cannot grow as normal. This makes it difficult for the fetus to locate the grip point. In the case of a septum uterus, as the fetus in the womb grows, the structure of the fetus will be divided by this septum leading to deformity.

In the case of having two uterus, the size of the uterus of these people is only 1⁄2 of the size of the uterus in normal women. It makes it difficult for the fetus to develop or move, leading to difficulty positioning the fetus. In addition, pregnant women with two uterus also reduce the nutritional supply to the fetus because each uterus has only one blood vessel, causing malnutrition, weakness, poor resistance in the fetus.

5. Methods of diagnosing double uterus

Through a pelvic examination, your doctor can detect if you have a double uterus or if your uterus is unusual. If you suspect you have a double uterus, your doctor will recommend that you perform an imaging test to accurately diagnose the abnormality in the uterus. These tests are also recommended for women who have recurrent miscarriages. Here are some photo tests that your doctor may prescribe to perform:

  • Ultrasound :the doctor can perform an ultrasound through vaginal reclining, ultrasound through the abdominal wall or 3D ultrasound.
  • Sonohogramogram: this type of imaging test is usually applied for diagnosis for abnormalities in the uterus. It is highly effective in detecting structural abnormalities in the uterus.
  • Mri: Inthis diagnostic method, your doctor will use a field and radio parallel to create cross-sectional images inside your body.
  • Ovarian X-rays help the doctor to specify the size and structure of the uterus and the functioning of the proboscis.

Is the double uterus dangerous?

Ultrasound is one of the methods of diagnosing double uterus

6. Methods of treatment of double uterus

Here are some treatments for uterus that you needto keep in mind, including:

In case the double uterus shows no signs of abnormalities then you do not need to perform surgery. You may have to perform surgery to remove the vaginal septum that divides the vagina in two reclinings if there is a double uterus and two vaginas. By removing this partition makes childbirth easier.

One of the effective methods to treat double uterus malformation is to carry out a reslitation of the uterus that does not work well. However, it is necessary to consider carefully when using this method since it is associated with end end end of end endh secret problems. In addition, the removal of a uterus also significantly affects the blood supply to the uterus.

When you have a double uterus and are in the stage of pregnancy, you need to pay special attention to pregnancy health because the risk of abnormal pregnancy, still still life, delayed fetus or premature birth is very likely to occur. Unfavorable pregnancy is the most common condition in women with a double uterus. The location of the non-pregnant uterus is low accompanied by an unfavorable pregnancy that squeezes the fetal way out through the vaginal reclining, so the method of cesarean section is usually in order by the doctor in this case.

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