Causes of fetal neck wrapping vegetables

The phenomenon of umbilical cord wrapping around the neck is also known in the folk way that is the corolla wrapped around the neck, which occurs when the fetus is wrapped around the neck by the umbilical cord. This can occur at any time of pregnancy or during pregnancy with abdominal pain or during childbirth.

1. What is vegetable wire?

Vegetable cords are a two-ended ment to bring nutrients and oxygen from the mother's blood to the fetus, while also carrying products that convert from fetal blood to the mother's blood to be eliminated. The primary task of the vegetable wire is to transport oxygen from the mother's blood to the fetal blood. For some reason that prevents this transport, the fetus with hypoxia dies very quickly.

Umbilical cords are usually about 50-60cm in average length. The longer the umbilical cord, the more likely it is to wrap around the neck, arms, legs of the fetus or be knotted. But sometimes the vegetable cord itself is shorter than the upper length (e.g. the entire length of the vegetable cord is less than 35cm, it is called absolutely short vegetable wire) or when the fetus is busy in the uterus, making the vegetable cord inherently normal length but wrapped in the neck , legs or torso make the vegetable cord shorten (now called relatively short).

Theoretically, the movement of the fetus will cause the umbilical cord to stretch and lengthen further. Long umbilical cords can entangle the limbs or wrap the fetal neck, ingesting the risk of continuous or partial vascular obstruction.

The rate of fetuses with umbilical cords wrapped around the neck occurs quite commonly with about 12% in pregnancy from 24-26 weeks, 37% in full-month pregnancies. The good news is that the majority of umbilical cord cases are not usually associated with perimeter mortality and mortality (Perital death is a phenomenon where the fetus and newborn die within 1 week after birth). That is why doctors rarely inform the pregnant mother that the fetus has an umbilical cord wrapped around her neck, except in severe cases that are life-threatening.

2. How to detect a baby with vegetables wrapped around his neck


New ultrasound detects exactly how babies have umbilical cords wrapped around their necks

In fact, the determination of the umbilical cord wrapped around the neck should be diagnosed with too ultrasound. This usually occurs in the last 3 months of pregnancy. Some cases detect corolla wrapped around the neck in the 5th-6th month. In addition, abnormal pregnancy may also be a sign of an umbilical cord wrapped around the neck. In many cases the fetus is tightly wrapped by the umbilical cord causing hypoxia, shortness of breath, the fetus will pedal more and more abnormally.

3. Causes of fetal neck wrapping vegetables

In detail about the development of the fetus week by week, every parent should find out:

In the first months of pregnancy, the fetus is like an ice bath located in a large water tank so it is easy to move around in the uterus. During that movement, when the umbilical cord was still long, the fetus tangled the umbilical cord as if the coil was just tangled and the umbilical cord wrapped in the fetal torso or neck. There are also cases when as a child, the pregnancy moves around in the uterus, which has caused the umbilical cord to be knotted. If the umbilical cord is tied together with a neck wrap, it will be very dangerous.

Or in the last 3 months, when the fetus turns its head downwards (called a favorable fetus), the smooth soft umbilical cord is also prone to being wrapped in the fetus. If the umbilical cord is wrapped in the fetal body, it can be removed by itself, and when wrapped in the neck is a narrow slit between the head and shoulders, the vegetable cord cannot be removed on its own but is increasingly wrapped tightly.

Mps are active, over-laboring is the main cause of the phenomenon of umbilical cord wrapping the neck. This has been scientifically proven that when the mother is over-working, the fetus will tend to turn its head down more, making it very easy for the umbilical cord to roll around the person and wrap it in the baby's neck. Therefore, pregnant mothers should pay attention during pregnancy should only exercise gently, avoid overload. When you are tired, take time off and ask everyone in your family to help with errands.

According to doctors, pregnant mothers with amniotic fluid or multiple amniotic fluid will increase the likelihood that the fetus has an umbilical cord wrapped around her neck, especially in the last months of pregnancy. Another cause of the umbilical cord wrapping in the neck is the length of the umbilical cord. Although the umbilical cord is on average 56cm long, there are still babies with longer umbilical cords. The longer the umbilical cord, the more likely the fetus is to be wrapped around the neck.


Mother's movement, over-labor is the main cause of umbilical cord wrapping neck

4. Complications of umbilical cord wrapping in the neck

In fact, the phenomenon of fetuses with umbilical cords wrapped around their necks is very rare with dangerous complications. If the pregnant woman is too worried about the fetus during this phenomenon, talk to the obstetrician for useful advice. Most often, the phenomenon of umbilical cord wrapping the neck can cause the baby and pregnant mother to experience the following problems:

  • When the fetus has an umbilical cord wrapped around the neck, the process of transporting blood and nutrition that feeds the fetus will be hindered. So there is a high likelihood of a fetus giving birth to a light weight, anemia, even death in the womb.
  • When the mother labors, the umbilical cord wrapped around the neck can cause the fetus to hang over high, it is difficult to get through the cervical to get out. If promptly handled by the doctor, cases of umbilical cord wrapped around the neck do not pose a danger to babies. However, if the umbilical cord is tightly wrapped, the baby may suffer from hypoxia. Therefore, for babies with umbilical cords wrapped around their necks, after birth if the mother detects signs of convulsions, trembling limbs need to take the baby to the doctor immediately.

5. What should I do when the fetus has an umbilical cord wrapped around her neck?

First of all, I need to know that this situation is not as dangerous as I thought it would be, so there's no need to worry too much. In fact, there are quite a few babies who remove the umbilical cord wrapped around their necks when at the 18-25 weeks of gestation.

If in the case, the baby is wrapped in the neck when he is older, there will be no method to remove it, then what the mother needs to do is to check the pregnancy according to the doctor's schedule and regularly monitor the pregnancy. When you see your baby pedaling too little or too much, you need to go to the hospital to check immediately.

Depending on the situation of the maternity, the doctor will give the appropriate prescribing. Most fetuses with only one umbilical cord wrapped around them can give birth usually healthy. You should go to reputable medical facilities for the most accurate examination results.

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