Causes of cerebral palsy in children

Article by Master, Dr Vu Duy Chinh – High-Technical Unit for Treatment of Cerebral Palsy and Autism – Share99 Times City International Health Hub

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The cause of cerebral palsy in a child can occur from before birth, during childbirth or after birth. Children with cerebral palsy will have serious consequences for themselves, their families and society.

1. Definition of cerebral palsy

Cerebral palsy in a child is defined as a group of medical conditions that do not progress over time, children with cerebral palsy will suffer from multiple mental, motor, behavioral and senseal disabilities… causing serious consequences for the child'sself, his family and the society as a whole.

2. Causes of cerebral palsy in children

2.1 Pre-birth causes

  • Infections and other conditionsduring pregnancy: Cerebral palsy in a child can occur for infections in pregnant women such as viruses during the first 3 months of pregnancy that can cause brain damage of the fetus and cause cerebral palsylater,rubella infections (German measles), amniotic infections, urinary– genital system infections, gestational intoxication, diabetes
  • Fetal brain hypoxia: During pregnancy, if the function of the placenta is diminished or removed from the walls of the uterus before birth (juveniledetachedplacenta), bleeding and decreased oxygen supply to the fetus, is the cause of cerebral palsy in the child.


Hypoxia in pregnancy is the main cause of cerebral palsy

2.1.3 Other congenital abnormalities

Children with neurological structural abnormalities or other genetic diseases will also increase their risk of cerebral palsy.

2.2 Causes during childbirth

  • Premature birth:Babies born before 37 weeks of gestation from the first day of the last menstruation before pregnancy will be considered premature birth, in cases where babies are born prematurely before 32 weeks and especially before 28 weeks of gestation, there is a very high risk of cerebral palsy.
  • Asphyxiation during labor and childbirth: Experts say that hypoxia during labor and birth is the cause of most cases of cerebral palsy in children.
  • Obstetric trauma: Obstetric traumas are most difficult births to use supportive measures to prevent the risk of cerebral palsy in children.

Premature babies

Premature birth affects the structure of the child's nervous system

2.3 Post-birth causes

  • Brain haemorrhage: Brain haemorrhagic in newborns and in young children due to vitamin K deficiency is a common disease in developing countries, this disease if not treated well, it will easily cause cerebral palsy
  • Jaundice: Jaundice in babies is caused by the accumulation in the blood of a pigment called bilirubin due to the high rate of destruction of red blood cells and intestate liver function in babies. In severe cases, this pigment can cross the vascular-brain barrier and deposit mainly in the substrate of the brain (he therefore called jaundice)and damage these structures causing cerebral palsy.
  • Cerebral palsy: Children suffer from diseases that cause neurological damage in the first years of life, such as purulent meningitis,encephalitis, traumatic brain injury… there is a high risk of cerebral palsy.

Premature babies with jaundice

Excessive bilirubin pigment may deposit in the substrate causing cerebral palsy

2.4 Unsphalymic cerebral palsy

According to statistics, worldwide nearly 30% of children with cerebral palsy do not find the cause.

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