Horizontal pregnancy: What to know

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Horizontal pregnancy rarely appears but is a complex and dangerous case. Pregnant women with a horizontal pregnancy will have difficulty giving birth and 100% of the horizontal throne will be prescribed cesarean section because there is no mechanism for vaginal birth.

1. What is a horizontal pregnancy?

The horizontal pregnancy is the case of the part of the torso such as the back, ribs, abdomen … of the pregnancy presented in front of the waist, which shields the cervical neck from rotating only halfway through the vaginal fall and must have a cesarean section. This type of pregnancy is very rare, accounting for only 1% of the types of pregnancy. When the fetus is full months it is necessary to have an active caesarean section.

Some of the causes of horizontal pregnancy may be:

  • One of the causes of the horizontal pregnancy is the mother with uterine malformation, forward vegetables, with uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts,… affects the correction of the fetus.
  • A multi-pregnancy mother can also cause the pregnancy to be horizontal
  • Multiple amnioticfluid , amniotic fluid or due to still still life
  • May be due to curvy mother's pelvis, narrow pelvis
  • Consequences from surgeries in the subframe, causing sticky fibers, causing the axis of the uterus to deviate
  • The umbilical cord is too short to make the fetus not rotate or rotate halfway, it can no longer rotate. In contrast, the umbilical cord is too long and the neck wrap also prevents the fetus from turning its head
  • Premature birth is the cause and consequence of shoulder pregnancy

Horizontal pregnancy

The horizontal pregnancy when the pregnancy is full month needs an active caesarean section immediately

2. Is the horizontal pregnancy okay?

The majority of pregnant mothers diagnosed with a horizontal pregnancy are worried about whether the horizontal pregnancy is okay, is it dangerous. These questions are completely well-founded because, according to specialists, the horizontal pregnancy can be dangerous for both the mother and the fetus, the reason is because:

  • Because the horizontal pregnancy immediately prevents the uterus, it makes the mother's birth process more difficult.
  • Due to the pressure of the uterus is uneven, it is easy to give birth to early tearing of the pregnancy membrane, sometimes a rupture of the umbilical cord of the level of pregnancy failure, if not treated in time can lead to rupture of the uterus.
  • The fetus may be asphyxiated and die before it can get out.

Therefore, in the case of a horizontal pregnancy,the pregnant woman will not be encouraged to give birth normally. Instead, doctors will prescribe an active cesarean section to ensure the safety of the mother and baby.

3. What to do about the horizontal throne?

When diagnosed with a horizontal pregnancy,the pregnant woman should be calm and follow the instructions and instructions of the specialist, should not be too worried because cesarean section still ensures the safety of the baby. In addition, the fetus should be actively monitored in the last 3 months of pregnancy and rest in the last month to avoid the case of rupture of the young amniotic fluid that endangers the fetus.

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Pregnant women should be actively monitored in the last 3 months of pregnancy

4. Diagnosis and treatment of the horizontal pregnancy

The easiest way to diagnose a horizontal pregnancy is to observe the uterus, if the uterus is wide and unusually horizontal, immediately think of the case of the horizontal throne. In addition, vaginal examination during pregnancy sees a hollow pelvis or when there are signs of palpable labor on the shoulders of the fetus also know that the pregnancy has a horizontal crown.

The way the horizontal pregnancy is handled includes:

  • This is a pregnancy that cannot be born by natural methods, only cesarean section is possible. In addition, it is necessary to diagnose early detection otherwise there will be dangerous complications.
  • The doctor can use the method of pregnancy rotation. This method is carried out when the cervical has opened, the uterus has no old surgical scars. The procedure is performed by having your hands in the uterus chamber and turning the throne into a butt, but the birth will often also be very difficult. Therefore, cesarean section in this case remains the safest for women and fetuses.

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