When should I have my first pregnancy ultrasound?

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Pregnancy ultrasound is one of the very important and necessary sub-clinical techniques for pregnant mothers during pregnancy. However, pregnancy ultrasounds are not always possible and pregnant women should be aware of the information about the duration of the pregnancy ultrasound such as when to go for a first pregnancy ultrasound or how the pregnancy ultrasound schedule is during pregnancy.

1. When was the first pregnancy ultrasound?

Pregnancy ultrasound is considered a non-clinical test that cannot be missed and is valid in many aspects during the pregnancy. When an ultrasound of the fetus at the right time, it is possible to diagnose a number of dangerous diseases for both the mother and the fetus such as: Extra-uteruspregnancy, birth defects… However, it is not because of wanting to detect the above abnormalities that the woman goes for an ultrasound of the pregnancy too early, at the age of only 2-3 weeks. This is because during the period when the fetus is young, less than 3 weeks old, any abnormal signs will not be detected because the fetus is too young, in addition to ultrasound during this period also causes some negative effects on the development of the fetus in the womb.

The process of fetal formation is thought to be from fertilization, after fertilization takes place with 1/3 of the head of the woman's proboscis, then at the 30th hour after that the prince will be created and go to the woman's uterus, proceeding to double. Spores double-doubleing continues until the 5th day when the embryo will be formed. 2 days later, the embryo will move and the uterus, buried in the lining of the uterus and begin to nest. At this time, the embryo produced HCG and HCG enters the mother's urine, which is also the reason that during pregnancy, trying with a pregnancy test stick in the urine will show 2 lines. Therefore, this is only the stage of development of the embryo, so if the ultrasound is too early, it will not work.

To answer the question of when an ultrasound of the first pregnancy, it is necessary to have the necessary signs for the obstetrician to go to the obstetrics and gynecology facilities for an ultrasound, and if there is a pregnancy, the ultrasound in the first 3 weeks of pregnancy will not give a specific result at all. Therefore, when pregnancy is determined, it is recommended to go for a pregnancy ultrasound periodically according to the schedule of pregnancy ultrasound that the doctor gives including 3 pregnancy ultrasounds during pregnancy to survey important factors such as measurement of napeskin opacity, finding and detecting diseases, pregnancy heart, pregnancy weight, amniotic fluid index

Some signs that the mother can conduct an ultrasound of the pregnancy are:

  • Bleeding can be pink, red or brown, the amount of blood is usually less than the amount of blood during the menstrual cycle, often dropping in the pants.
  • Painful sensations, which can be mild or severe pain.
  • Hemorrhage within less than 3 days.
  • Vaginal secrety
  • Chest pain, ti ti head, feeling tense.
  • Tired body
  • Sickness,nausea daily, especially in the morning and when smelling food.
  • Mood changes
  • Constipation,flatulence, fart…
  • Urinate more than usual.


Sickness causes nausea in women who start getting pregnant

2. 2-week pregnancy ultrasound

Some of the questions asked are whether a 2-week fetal ultrasound shows information about the fetus or not, during this time, the fetus is still not fully developed, so when the 2-week fetal ultrasound is still not able to see the shape and development of the fetus. More specifically, after the formation of the above embryos, at the age of 2 weeks, the fetus begins to appear cellular organizations, consisting of 3 layers of cells that are outer to become parts such as hair, skin, eyes, nerves, brain, tooth enamel …, the mesthemis will become bones. , muscles, kidneys, vascular tissue… and the endosycera are later organs and organs.

At the 2-week period, the fetus does not have the same separate body tissue as above but only a 3-layer cell organization, the naked eye is not recognizable, so when the ultrasound will not see certain images, sometimes even give incorrect results. In addition, 2-week fetal ultrasound also affects the fetus due to the sound waves of the probe that will not be beneficial for the development of the fetus during this period. Therefore, instead of an ultrasound of the first 2 weeks, to know the pregnancy status as well as the fetal condition, the woman can take the pregnancy test stick and try several times in different times to get the most accurate results. Besides, a test that is said to be very effective in diagnosing pregnancy is the HCGtest , which is a simple type of blood test, safe for mother and fetus, highly effective in detecting pregnancy or not.

Pregnancy test with beta hcg concentration

Pregnant mother tested for HCG

The first pregnancy ultrasound as well as the 2-week,3-week pregnancy ultrasound can see the results of fetal images are very common questions for pregnant women. However, when the fetus is not developed enough, the ultrasound too early is not recommended and unnecessary because it can affect the fetus.

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