What month of pregnancy should calcium be added to pregnant women?

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Calcium is an important mineral that contributes to the development of the body's mkeletal systems, however for pregnant women there is often a huge deficiency of calcium. So how much calcium should be added to pregnant women from the 10th month of pregnancy?

1. Why do calcium supplements be needed for pregnant women?

During pregnancy, although there is a resolution of the calcium compound in the bones released into the bloodstream to meet the needs of the fetus. However, this response is limited only, if the mother has a lack of calcium and is not adequately replenished will cause the fetus to suffer from certain diseases such as:

  • Congenital rickets, developmental delay, deformed bones.
  • Children with wheezing.

Not only affects the health of the fetus, but calcium deficiency also directly affects the health of the mother, according to which the mother also encounters symptoms such as leg numbness, fatigue, insomnia, cramps,… If calcium is not supplemented, the lactation stage will cause the child to weaken, or sweat,back pain, joint pain. The lack of calcium absorption usually occurs after multiple births, which is the pre-epidemic for osteoporosis in premenmensausal women.

Rickets in children: Tell-how signs

Pregnant mother's lack of calcium can cause babies to suffer rickets, malnutrition

2. What month of pregnancy should calcium be added to pregnant women?

The need for calcium during pregnancy increases with each stage, so it is necessary to replenish the appropriate amount of calcium for the body. In the first 3 months of pregnancy the mother needs 800mg, the middle 3 months is 1000mg and the last 3 months are 1500mg.

In fact, the last 3 months of pregnancy is the time when the mother's calcium demand increases because this is the period of rapid development of the fetus. If there is no adequate amount of calcium, the fetus will take calcium from the pregnant mother's body to serve itself for the formation of bones and skulls. Because the need for calcium at each stage of pregnancy is different, the mother should also be self-conscious of taking calcium early to avoid possible bad cases. Usually in the 4th month of pregnancy the mother should take calcium to provide adequate nutrients for both the mother and the baby.

Although calcium supplementation for pregnant women is important to do, do not take arbitrary medications. Because if the body does not absorb all the calcium loaded into the body, it will eliminate part of it outside. This can increase the pressure on the stomach and urinary system. If excessive use of calcium leads to excess, it also causes negative effects on the fetus, as well as adverse effects on the health of the mother.

Therefore, to ensure the necessary amount of calcium, the mother should perform a blood examination and test to check what the body's calcium needs are. From there doctors will prescribe how to properly prescribe calcium supplements, how much dosage is appropriate.

3. What should pregnant women pay attention to when taking calcium

The mother needs to perform a test to check how much calcium is needed for the body. From there, the specialist will prescribe appropriately for the pregnant mother to use, should follow the dosage in the prescription without self-use to avoid adverse health effects. If taken inadequately, it will cause calcium deficiency, while an overdose will result in excess calcium in the body. There are also some notes so that the pregnant mother can absorb calcium in the best way for the body. Namely the following:

  • Supplementing more vitamin C helps the body absorb calcium more easily.
  • Not drinking iron and calcium at the same time will reduce the body's ability to absorb calcium. It is recommended to use these two types at least 2 hours apart for the best results.
  • Pregnant women should take calcium in the morning, after eating for about 1 hour so that the body can absorb calcium in the best way.
  • Women who belong to one of the following cases should be noted when taking calcium: suffering from cardiovasculardiseases, diabetes mellitus,… You must follow your doctor's instructions to take calcium safely and effectively.
  • Besides calcium intake, natural foods are a very safe and effective source of calcium for pregnant women. It is recommended to supplement foods rich in calcium in daily meals with scientific menus.
  • Regular pregnancy check-up in reputable medical centers to monitor the development and needs of the fetus as well as that of the pregnant woman, thereby taking effective interventions.

The need for calcium at each stage of pregnancy is different, but usually in the 4th month the new mother needs calcium supplements to be good for the health of the mother and baby. However, it is necessary to supplement properly and in the right dosage according to the advice and prescription of nutritionists. It is not recommended to use it yourself to avoid the presence of deficiency or excess of calcium in the body.

Pregnancy examination

Since at each stage of pregnancy, the need for calcium supplementation is different, so the pregnant mother needs to consult a doctor and have a regular pregnancy check-up

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