Abortion: Be in prevention of some possible accidents

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Abortion can cause cervical damage, perforation of the uterus, heavy bleeding, inflammation … if the person performing the procedure is too rough or the scraper is not carefully lentily. This is also one of the causes of infertility in the woman.

1. What is abortion?

Miscarriage is something that women do not want, but in some cases due to uncething (trouble), or fetus (chromochromochromia abnormality), due to the mother's side (inflammation, endo noisy, environmental factors impact, malformed uterus …) so the miscarriage occurs.

When miscarriage, abortion is one of the fastest methods to get the rest of the pregnancy and vegetables to avoid bleeding and infection after the pregnancy has miscarried the woman. This method is carried out using specialized tools and a success rate of almost 100%.

  • This method is performed when the pregnancy is about to miscarry, is in a miscarriage and has miscarried, the cervical is almost completely erased, causing bleeding
  • Contrained by miscarriage due to infection, miscarriage of blood bandages, hypotension.

Abortion: Be in prevention of some possible accidents

Abortion is one of the fastest methods to get the rest of the pregnancy and vegetables to avoid bleeding and infection after the pregnancy has miscarried for the woman

2. Some accidents when abortion occurs

2.1. Perforation of the uterus

Perforation of the uterus is one of the complications of abortion. This can occur in the case of cervical angioplasty or abortion due to the need to use a metal instrument in the uterus to perform the procedure.


  • To know exactly how puncture is, the doctor will need to have a careful ultrasound and endoscopy.
  • While scraping patients with pain, vaginal blood is much, it is necessary to use a measure to re-probe the uterus to see if there is a perforation of the uterus.
  • In case of small perforation, vessels, stable blood pressure and non-bacterial infections can be treated medically.
  • If the hole is large or shows signs of bleeding in the need for surgery to stitch the hole or cut the uterus depending on the lesion.

2.2. bleed

Whether taking anesthetics or anesthetics when abortion occurs, the likelihood of bleeding is equal.


  • If there is a lot of blood on the uterus contraction drug.
  • Re-examine the uterus in prevention of punctures, vegetable omissions, poorly contracted uterus or bleeding in the cervical where Pozzi grips.

2.3. Vagal shock

Occurs when anti-shock drugs are not taken, do not relieve pain well or perform the procedure too strongly.


  • Shock accompanied by shortness of breath, cyanosis, rapid pulse, decreased blood pressure, the procedure must be stopped immediately to fight shock.

2.4. Missed each other

If after abortion is missed, the abortion procedure is not successful. In case of omission, it will cause bleeding,the uterus does not shrink. It is possible to detect omissions through ultrasound and must intervene in a timely manner so as not to affect health.


  • Ultrasound to re-evaluate if there are omissions;
  • If we miss each other, we have to scrape it down.

2.5. Bacterial infections

Infection is often a consequence of thoroughstic techniques. Infectious complications may have external signs such as fever, pain in the uterus,…


  • For complications caused by infection, most cases use antibiotics for treatment.
  • If you suspect each other, scrape again when the fever has run out.

3. Post-abortion care


After abortion, it should be noted to take prescription medications and re-examine them on time

After abortion, it should be noted to take prescription medications and re-examine them on time

  • After the abortion at the medical facility, doctors will ask for a place rest of 1-6 hours.
  • After abortion there may be vaginal blood and lower abdominal pain resembling abdominal pain during menstruation, this phenomenon is normal. Then you need to use tam tam tam tam or bucket cloth to absorb blood
  • Take prescription medications and check-up on your doctor's schedule.
  • Clean your body and genitals with clean warm water. It is possible to use a feminine hygiene solution derived from herbs, gentle.
  • Change tam tamings at least 3 to 4 times a day.
  • Do not rinse the vagina or put anything in the vagina.
  • Do not have sex until the vaginal blood is gone, at least 2-3 weeks after the abortion.
  • Rest, do not work heavy from 2-4 weeks.
  • Eating fosters health, does not abstain excessively.
  • It is advisable to keep a spirit of the most comfortable, quickly eliminate old pain in order to psychologically prepare at the next pregnancy to be as safe as possible.

When there are abnormal manifestations such as severe pain in the lower abdomen, muscle pain, abdominal pain, fever or chills, blood flow lasting more than 10 days, the vagina secretes a lot of bad gases with a bad smell,… you need to go to a medical facility immediately.

4. When should I get pregnant again?

Women are able to conceive as soon as menstruation returns after birth

The mother should get pregnant again after at least 3 to 6 months after the abortion

The mother should get pregnant again after at least 3 to 6 months after the abortion

As recommended, after abortion or earlymiscarriage , the mother should wait at least 3 to 6 months for the body to fully recover before the pregnancy returns.

At this time, the mother's body needs time to recover, the lining of the womb must be strong to be ready for a new stage of pregnancy. Besides, this is also a time to help couples calm down, forget about the grief of losing their children, to prepare the best for the next pregnancy.

Once you are mentally and physically prepared to get pregnant again after a miscarriage, see your doctor for the best advice.

In case of unsustified pregnancy when abortion is just a miscarriage, to be safe pregnant mothers should take care of themselves more by supplementing essential nutrients for the body, strengthening the spirit and regular visits according to the doctor's schedule.

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