A few side effects of neonatal jaundice illumination

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Newborn yellowing is one of the most effective, economical, safe and easy-to-take measures to treat jaundice. However, there may still be some side effects of jaundice lamps that affect the health of babies that we need to keep in mind.

High radiation lamp for newborn jaundice treatment

Lighting is one of three common methods currently used to treat indirect bilirubin jaundice in newborns.

1. Newborn yellowing lights

Lighting is one of the most common methods currently used to treat indirect bilirubin jaundice in newborns. The yellowing method uses white or blue light with wavelengths of 400-480 nm to project into the body of the newborn, seeping through the skin and then the subcutaneous fat layer that converts Bilirubin indirectly into Photobilirubin that is soluble in water, does not poison the child and can be eliminated through the liver or kidney path.

Indications for newborn jaundice are given when the child has symptoms of indirect increased jaundice Bilirubin has no signs of neuro-intoxication, or is used to prevent cases of pediatric patients at risk of jaundice such as premature months.

Jaundice lamps are not applicable to children with direct Bilirubin increased jaundice. During the projection of jaundice and afterwards, it is necessary to monitor the child's factors such as weight, nutrition of the child, jaundice, neurological symptoms, blood glucose levels, blood bilirubin levels, electrolysis to promptly detect the side effects of jaundice and promptly handle.

Lighting is a simple, safe and effective treatment for neonatal jaundice.

Jaundice lamps are not applicable to children with direct Bilirubin increased jaundice

2. Is jaundice shining harmful?

Although it is one of the most effective methods, there are still side effects of jaundice illumination that doctors as well as parents need to pay attention to to detect as quickly as possible.

Because blue light is shining directly on the child's skin, this method can leave side effects such as temperature disorders, the child's body temperature experiencing abnormalities such as rising or falling below normal levels. In addition, the child also has increased irritation, it is possible that going outside the stool will be looser.

Blue light with wavelengths of 400-500nm, the peak is 450-460nm which can cause the child's skin to redness or copper skin syndrome. A side effect of yellowing can not be ignored is the damage to the eyes of the child, it is for this reason that in the procedure of yellowing the newborn's skin, it is common to bandage the child's eyes with a dark cloth to avoid this condition.

When blue light enters the body for a long time, especially the genital area of the child can also lead to testicular atrophy. Therefore, it is common to use diapers or diapers to carry babies during the screening of newborn jaundice to prevent testicular atrophy.

Dehydration is also one of the side effects of yellowing. For this condition, parents will be consulted by their doctor about their child's diet as well as prescribed a rehydration infusion, with the water level to be provided to the child increases by more than 15%-20% per day.

In addition to the side effects of the above-mentioned jaundice lamps, high-intensity lighting for babies for a long time can also lead to burns in children, so it is necessary to ensure a distance from the light to the pediatric patient is about 30-50cm to limit the side effects of jaundice lamps.

In addition to the distance problem, the time of yellowing the baby must also be standard, and when the clinical jaundice decreases and the concentration of Bilirubin drops to the normal level, stop the yellowing of the skin as prescribed by the doctor to limit the complications of this method as soon as possible.

Although there are certain advantages such as simplicity, ease of implementation, high efficiency and reasonable price, the method of neonatal yellowing should be carried out as prescribed by a doctor at reputable medical facilities, with adequate machinery to ensure the intensity of light, wavelength of light, distance from the lamp to the child, how to illuminate the lamp, the time of illumination meets the standard, thereby minimizing the side effectsof yellow light.

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