The link between cervical tip and the likelihood of pregnancy or miscarriage

Cervical mussing is a procedure in order to treat early-stage cervical cancer. This technique can affect a woman's likelihood of pregnancy or miscarriage later.

1. What is cervical tip?

Cervical tip is a procedure to remove part of the cone of the cervical to remove lesions in this area. This method is in dinhed mainly for the diagnosis and treatment of pathology in the cervical. Specifically, the doctor will prescribe the patient to perform a cervical tip to:

  • Monitor abnormal Pap tests continuously;
  • Diagnosis of pre-cervical cancer conditions;
  • Diagnosis of invasive cervical cancer (cancer cells that invade the surrounding tissues or spread beyond the cervical);
  • Pre-treatment of cervical cancer, local cari carousing or stage IA1 cervical cancer.

Side effects of cervical tip:

  • Vaginal secretion for several weeks, the secretion is brown or yellow;
  • Spasms and mild discomfort;
  • Infection;
  • Hemorrhage: Causes bleeding during surgery or after surgery. Bleeding during surgery can be controlled by techniques such as stitches or even a removal of the uterus if the bleeding is severe. If the patient bleeds after surgery, the doctor may prescribe topical medications to stop the bleeding;
  • Cervical stenosis and cervical failure are late complications.

Procedure to cut the tip of the cervical tip with an electric ring (LEEP)

Cervical tip is a procedure to remove part of the cone of the cervical to remove lesions in this area

3. Can the tip of the cervical tip give birth?

3.1 On fertility

Cervical tip (nns biopsy) is a method that applies to women with early cervical cancer (stage 0 or IA1). If the post-cervical cone biopsy removed all tumors, and the biopsy sample showed that the rest no longer had cancer cells, the patient could completely give birth before further intensive treatment. However, during this time, the patient should be closely monitored by the treating doctor.

On the other hand, there are also some cases of cervical musacing that affect the likelihood of pregnancy. These are cases of deep, extensive cuts or complications of cervical stenosis, cervical failure,… makes it harder for sperm to meet eggs for fertilization, embryo formation. In addition, if the patient has severe bleeding complications during cervical musectulation surgery, forcing the cervical removal will also affect the likelihood of later pregnancy.

3.2 On the risk of miscarriage

According to research in the journal Obstetrics & Gynecology, women who become pregnant within 12 months of having their cervical tip cut with an electric ring are six times more likely to have a miscarriage than those who become pregnant after this period.

In fact, cervical tip-offs in cervical diseases are more associated with the risk of late miscarriage or premature birth due to cervical integrity. When the tip is cut off, a large amount of collagen fibers in the cervical is lost, which reduces the tolerance of the cervical, leading to the risk of miscarriage, premature birth. On the other hand, the tip also loses the glands in the cervical, when pregnant, the cervical will not form a mucous node, increasing the risk of infection of the amniotic membrane, increasing the risk of premature amniotic rupture and premature labor. In addition, the scars on the cervical also make the cervical not soft and increase the rate of young ruptured amniotic fluid.

Besides, the cervical need time to recover and restructure. Therefore, in order to reduce the risk of premature birth, it is necessary to pay attention to the period from the moment of cervical musity to the moment of pregnancy it is necessary to last more than 12 months.


To reduce the risk of premature birth, it is necessary to pay attention to the period from the moment of cervical musing to the time of pregnancy that needs to last more than 12 months

Cervical tip is a simple, less invasive early-stage cervical cancer treatment procedure. However, there is still a link between this technique and the risk of difficulty having a pregnancy or miscarriage. Therefore, it is best for women to have regular health check-up, especially in maternity health to promptly detect the disease and have an early treatment plan, reducing the risk of complications.

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After the procedure, you will have to see a doctor after 01 week and if normal will have a regular gynecologic examination every 06 months. You will be given cervical cancer screening tests again to make sure all abnormal cells have completely disappeared and make sure not to return.

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