The link between sugar and cardiovascular, chronic diseases

The article was consulted professionally by Dr. Nguyen Van Duong – Interventional Cardiologist, Share99 Central Park International Health Hub.

Sweet dishes and drinks always have attractiveness that makes it difficult for us to refuse. However, if not well controlled, excessive sugar intake in the body in the long term will have many health consequences, especially increasing the risk of cardiovascularand chronic diseases.

1. Eating more sugar increases your risk of cardiovascular diseases

The habit of eating too much sugar will seriously harm the cardiovascular. Even more harmful sugars are many times more harmful than fat that damages blood vessels, increasing the risk of heart attack and cardiovascular diseases. In addition, sugar also increases insulin levels, activates the sympathetic nervous system, increases heart rate and blood pressure.

High blood pressure causes your heart and arteries to work more, increasing the risk of heart attacks,strokes and some other serious arterial problems such as peripheral vascular diseases .

The more foods you eat that are not high in sugar, the higher therisk of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

2. Excess sugar increases the risk of chronic diseases

Terminal liver cancer

Excess sugar will affect the liver

Excess sugar will firstly affect the liver – the largest and most important detoxifying body of the body. Eating a lot of sugar not only causes toxins to be discharged, but also the treatment of protein in the body is also overloaded. In addition, the liver also has to handle a lot of other chemical processes.

Liver diseases that occur are usually caused by excessive drinking of alcohol, beer. Studies have showed that even without drinking a lot of alcohol or beer, patients can get liver disease when eating too much sugar.

When consuming sugar in large quantities, the liver can be damaged as well as when drinking a lot of alcohol. The habit of eating too much sugar will put a lot of pressure on the liver, leading to fatty and long-term liver diseases that cause other chronic liver diseases.

A diet high in sugary foods and drinks in addition to increasing the risk of obesity can also increase the risk of cancer significantly.

A study conducted on more than 430,000 people found that eating too much sugar was associated with an increased risk of esophagealcancer, pleural cancer and small intestine cancer.

Another study found that women who ate three times more pastries and biscuits a week were also 1.42 times more likely to have endometrial cancer than women who consumed these foods less than once a week.

The habit of eating too much sugar can lead to the risk of obesity, insulin resistance and inflammation. All of this is a carcinogenic risk factor.

3. Eating a lot of sugar causes many health problems

Besides the long-term consequences, harm and increased risk of chronic cardiovascular diseases, when overcharging sugar also causes many health problems.

3.1 Unn control weight gain

Eating a lot of sugar will cause weight gain, but it will not be possible to increase the muscle part that will increase the amount of harmful fat. Numerous studies have identified a clear link between soft drinks with gas and obesity. Soft drinks with gas not only do not bring any nutritional value, but also cause weight gain and increase the risk of obesity as well.

3.2 Teeth are more prone to worms

One of the scary harms of eating too much sugar is that it will make your oral health worse. The more soft drinks you drink with gas, the more candy you eat, the faster your teeth will get deep.

Cavities of the molars

Eating too much sugar makes teeth more susceptible to worms

3.3 Absorbing nutrients in difficulty

The subjects who consumed the most sugar were children and adolescents. While this is the group of subjects who need to absorb the most nutrients, eating a lot of sugar interferes with the absorption of important nutrients for the body. The body may have difficulty absorbing nutrients such as vitamin A,vitamin C, vitamin B12,calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron …

The cause of lack of nutrients that you can ignore is eating too much sugar. Sugar has the ability to slow down or completely prevent the absorption of nutrients necessary for the body.

3.4 Skin becomes worse

Scientists have found that consuming foods high in sugar is associated with skin problems. Sugar molecules often cause collagen adhesion, the composition that determines the bad beauty of your skin.

Too much sugar causes collagen cells in the body to function poorly, causing the skin tissues to harden, the skin losing the necessary elasticity. At that time, wrinkles will appear, causing rough skin, acne, even serious dermatitis.

The more sugar you eat, the worse your skin will get. Sugar will cause your skin to have more acne and faster aging.

Thus, no matter how attractive the sugary food and drink is, you also need to limit eating enough, avoid adversely affecting health, increase the risk of disease.

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