Cesarean section: Possible complications on mother and child

The article was consulted professionally by Dr. Tran Thi Mai Huong – Obstetrician and Gynecologist – Obstetrics and Gynecology Department – Share99 Hai Phong International Health Hub

Cesarean section is surgery to remove the fetus, placenta and amniotic membrane through an incision in the abdominal wall into the uterus intact. Cesarean section is applied in cases where it is necessary to reduce the risk to the maternity and fetus.

1. When is cesarean section in dinh?

Cesarean section is performed under the indicties of an obstetrician in the following cases:

  • Pelvic head asymmetry
  • Oncible labor failure
  • Disorders of uterus go that cannot be adjusted with drugs
  • The cervical does not progress
  • Each striker centres but the vast majority of cases of each other semi-central strikers
  • Young peeling each other
  • Umbilical cord prolapse in pregnancy is likely to live but is not eligible for instant vaginal falls
  • Abnormal throne
  • Pregnancy failure during labor
  • Underdeve developed pregnancy inthe uterus , fetal life is threatened
  • Pregnancy beyond the date of contraintent on the oncing of labor
  • Old incision of the body of the uterus + another abnormality
  • Local or invasive cervical cancer…

Cesarean section does not include abdominal surgery to remove an intra-abdominal pregnancy or taking a fetus that has fallen into the abdomen in part or completely due to rupture of the uterus.

Pregnancy with pelvic lumbar pain: Should a normal birth or cesarean section be carried out?

In case of abnormal pregnancy detection, the pregnant woman may be prescribed a cesarean section

2. Complications of cesarean section seen in the mother

Complications near the mother may be encountered when using cesarean section such as:

  • Infection: possible incision infections ,urinary tract infections, pneumonia. Most commonly an incision infection; amniotic infections that cause peritonitis can lead to a postoperative cut of the uterus.
  • Surgical complications such as touching neighboring organs (bladder, intestines), ureteral stitches, bladder fistula – uterus/vagina.
  • Severe bleeding, Blood bandage during or after surgery due to uterine sputum; bleeding from tearing of the lower uterus.
  • Intestinal paralysis.
  • Expand the incision, hernia of the abdominal wall.
  • Internal bleeding.
  • Venous embolism, thrombosis.
  • Mage death: may be caused by amniotic embolism, unstypable bleeding or insufficient blood when the mother belongs to a rare blood type.
  • Complications caused by anesthesia – resuscitation: there may be complications due to insymity such as inhalation syndrome (in case of intt management anesthesia); hypotension, post-surgery headache (in case of live anesthesia), drug reactions (anaesthetic stunting).

Further away, after cesarean section during recovery and after full recovery the mother is also at risk of the following complications:

  • Intestinal obstruction, intestinal obstruction.
  • Obstruction of the ovulation of the ovulation causes second-born infertility.
  • Endometriosis at the abdominal wall incision scar.
  • Scars on the body of the uterus may crack during later pregnancies (cracks in labor or labor)
  • In later pregnancies, the likelihood of having to have a caesarean section increases and if a vaginal fall is born with suction or forceps to reduce the risk of cracking the old surgical scar on the lower part of the uterus…

3. Complications of cesarean section seen in children

Fetuses removed by caesarean section are at risk of facing specific complications such as:

  • The fetus may be affected by anesthesia.
  • Injured during surgery.
  • Inhalation of amnioticfluid, especially amniotic fluid with feces.
  • Babies born with cesarean section are at risk of severe respiratory failure (pulmonary absorption delay syndrome) and are life-threatening due to intervention when the mother has not yet labored, especially if the child is allowed to have a caesarean section at less than enough months of gestation
  • Pertal death (within 28 days after birth) in the case of cesarean section is higher than in normal birth.
  • Cesarean section also increases the risk of the child dying at birth at the next childbirth (it is possible that the uterus scarred due to the last operation does not create conditions for each other to stick well so that the blood supply and nutrients that feed the fetus are inadequate)…


Cesarean section can affect the fetus

4. How long does a cesarean section take to recover?

For caesarean surgeries, the mother needs up to 20-30 days to really regain normal health. This time depends on the condition of each mother and the success of the surgery. Mother needs to be hospitalized for 5-7 days to be monitored for post-surgery condition.

After cesareansection , the mother cannot get pregnant again, the obstetrician recommends waiting at least 2-3 years for the next pregnancy after cesarean section. The really good distance to have the next baby is 5 years, this time is enough for the mother to fully recover, avoid maximum complications after cesarean section and be ready to get pregnant.

In case the mother misses the plan to get pregnant before the safe time, she should be consulted by a doctor, for the most appropriate advice.

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In addition to the technique of lumbar square muscle anesthesia under ultrasound instructions, in obstetrics and gynecology, Share99 also implements the technique of neurosychism to relieve perinac pain / hypothetic, helping women experience life in the most pleasant way, whether it is normal birth or cesarean section. Thanks to these measures, maternity and childbirth at Share99 are fully pain relief, quick recovery, bowel movements soon work again, exercise – walk early, do not cause chronic pain.

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