Tips for managing your anger and temper

Anger can come suddenly and cause many long-term injuries to yourself and those around you. So, learn to manage negative emotions and how to express emotions without being hostile to others, your life will become a lot softer.

1. What are the effects of negative emotions?

Negative emotions that are not released can be one of the important factors that cause a prolonged state of anxiety and depression. Bad negative emotional management can disrupt relationships, affect thoughts and behaviors, thereby creating many physical problems (such as high blood pressure, cardiovascular problems, headaches,skin disorders and digestive problems).

Poor management of negative emotions can also be caused by factors such as alcohol abuse, stimulants, crime, mental and physical abuse and other violent acts.

2. How to get rid of negative emotions?

  • When negative emotions come in, take a deep breath,snort positively contented sentences and stop thinking about the problem that makes you angry. Practice deep breathing from the diaphragm, slowly repeating several times until calming down again.
  • Manage negative emotions by staying away from alcohol, drugs, and stimulants that risk losing control of themselves.
  • Express anger at the right time. Outbursts of anger often cause many unforeseen consequences, which are disrupting relationships, causing stress to the nervous and cardiovascular systems.
  • Express to the person you trust to be comforted and ede to change your behavior.
  • Record the moment of anger and try to find the cause.
  • Put yourself in the place of others to understand how they feel.
  • Learn to see for yourself humor in situations that can cause anger.
  • Learn to listen to improve communication and build trust from people around you. This trust will help you protect relationships against the risk of anger outbreaks.
  • Learn to assert yourself, express your emotions calmly and directly without causing feelings of hostility or affection.
  • Refer to self-help books or seek help from a professional soym her to learn how to use anger management skills.

Eliminate negative emotions

Deep breathing can help you effectively eliminate negative emotions

3. What to do about not eliminating negative emotions yourself?

If eliminating negative emotions makes it difficult for you, and anger can adversely affect your life and relationships, seek help from mental health professionals. These people can help you better understand the causes behind your anger and teach you techniques to change the way you think and act. Choose a specialist or treating doctor carefully to learn how to manage negative emotions as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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