Tips to avoid cramps in the legs during pregnancy

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Cramps are quite common, caused mainly by constant, unsymed muscle contraction. When you have cramps you often have painful sensations, even very painful and are not able to move that engine for a moment. Nearly all pregnant women experience at least one cramp, and everyone understands how painful, unpleasant cramps are.

1. Why do cramps appear during pregnancy?

Cramps are the phenomenon of unwise painful muscle contraction, most often present in twin muscles (in the shin), feet, or both. Cramps appear very often in pregnant women, which usually occur at night when the woman is in the middle and last tri tri months of pregnancy.

The exact cause of cramps in pregnant women is currently unknown.

2. How to prevent cramps in pregnant women?

Because the cause of cramps during pregnancy is unknown, there is no radical prevention, but pregnant women can apply the following method to limit cramps:

Dilating twin muscles:

Although the current evidence is not enough, dilating twin muscles before bedtime can help limit cramps during pregnancy. Stand opposite a wall, about a forearm away. Place your hands on the wall in front of you, pillar with your left foot, put your right foot behind you. Continue to hold the force on the left leg, gradually lowering the focus to the front, while keeping the right knee straight and the right heel still touching the floor. Hold this muscle tension position for about 30 seconds, paying attention to the back always straight and the hips facing forward, keeping the foot intact not to rotate inwards or rotate outwards. Return to the original position, repeat the movement but change the role of the legs.

Maintain an active life:

Daily physical activities can help prevent cramps during pregnancy. Before starting a certain training program, consult a specialist.


Daily physical activities can help prevent cramps during pregnancy

Use magnesium supplements:

There are a number of limited studies suggesting the use of magnesium supplements that can help limit pregnant women with cramps. Before using any product, consult your doctor. Besides, pregnant women can add magnesium-rich foods to the diet, such as whole grains, legumes, dried fruits, hard shelled nuts and sprouts.

Drink enough water:

When the muscles are maintained enough water can limit cramps. If the body is replenished with enough water, the urine will be light yellow or transparent. Urine has a dark yellow color that proves that the body has been deprived of water.

Provide enough calci:

Some studies suggest that low levels of calci in the blood contribute to cramps during pregnancy. All women, not just pregnant women, should receive 1000 mg of calci per day.

Choose the right footwear:

Choose footwear for comfort, comfort and convenience.

Drinking enough water reduces the risk of amniotic fluid for pregnant women

Pregnant mothers should make sure they drink enough water every day to limit cramps

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