Reasons why women have back pain when they are pregnant

Back pain during pregnancy is seen in the majority of pregnant women, back pain appears quite early in pregnancy, and pain increases with pregnancy. When pregnant, the female body has many changes and those are also common causes of back pain. There are many women who only have mild pain that does not affect much living, but also many painful and persistent women, which has a significant impact on daily life.

1. Causes of back pain during pregnancy

Back pain is a common symptom of the disease in anyone, especially women during pregnancy. As the pregnancy grows, back pain tends to increase. In the early stages of pregnancy it is also very common to experience back pain.

Pregnant causes of back pain include:

  • Due to changes in hormones

During pregnancy, the body produces a hormone called relaxin. This hormone has the effect of expanding the pelvis in preparation for later birth, at the ligaments, muscles in the pelvic area dilate and the joints become looser. Stretched ligaments and muscles cause back pain that is often accompanied by hip pelvic pain.

  • Due to stress, stress

Anxiety and stress during pregnancy will also make the back pain more severe, because when stress causes the muscles in the body not to have time to relax and recover, the back pain increases.

  • Due to a change in position

During pregnancy, the fetus grows over time, enlarging the abdomen, changing the focus of the body, so the maternity must lean backwards to keep balance causing damage to the spine. As a result, the woman gradually changes her pose and gaie leading to back pain.

  • Due to weight gain

During pregnancy, the mother's body will have marked changes. Weight gain increases the body's burden on the spine causing back pain.

  • Due to spinal pathology

The most common is sciatica, which manifests it as a back pain that usually spreads down the buttocks, thighs, calves accompanied by numbness. Pain usually occurs on one side of the leg, increasing when walking to rest relieves pain. Women who have had sciatica before, the likelihood of back pain due to this cause is very common and the rate of back pain is also higher.

  • Due to pregnancy

Associated with back pain are brown or bright red vaginal blood, abnormal vaginal secretions, abdominal pain, and lumbar fatigue. So if the pregnant woman has back pain accompanied by the above symptoms, immediately go to the medical examination facilities to have the most appropriate treatment.

Often back pain is more common due to causes from muscles, ligaments, spine than by pregnancy.


Marked weight gain during pregnancy increases the body's burden on the spine causing back pain

2. How to relieve back pain during pregnancy?

Having back pain during pregnancy in the first 3 months is a condition that causes a lot of hardship and difficulty for the pregnant mother at this stage, accompanied by symptoms of sickness, so it makes the pregnant mother very tired. Pregnant mothers can apply some of the following ways to relieve backpain:Gentle exercise: Regularly practice gentle, suitable exercises such as walking, bare-handed exercise, yoga, swimming … in order to help the body be healthy, increase the strength of muscles, strong joints and these exercises also support the pregnant mother in the process of childbirth more easily. Change of position:

  • When standing should keep your back straight to avoid back fatigue, when sitting upright, sitting with a leaning chair.
  • If you want to take things on the ground, sit down and take them, avoid the straight back, bend down because this action will cause the pain to worsen.
  • When sleeping, the pregnant mother should lie on her left side, change the position to be most comfortable but help you feel comfortable, limiting not sleeping with the position of lying on your back. Put a pillow between your knees and a thin pillow under the waist, the waist will sleep better, if you prepare yourself a dedicated hug for the pregnant woman, it is better.

In detail about the development of the fetus week by week, every parent should find out:

Do not overeeaten: Do not overeeaten in 1 meal, should be divided into several small meals, replenishing enough nutrients for both mother and baby. Body weight should increase steadily every month, avoid sudden increase, increase too many sisters should see a doctor immediately to be checked.

Do not wear high heels:During pregnancy you should not wear high heels, but should wear flat, low shoes, walking comfortably. Because wearing high shoes will cause the body to look forward more so the back pain will also increase, not only that it also endangers the mother if unfortunately stumbling causing pregnancy, miscarriage or premature birth.

Do not carry heavy items:Do not carry heavy items, causing an increase in the load on the spine causing increased pain.

Warm compresses:Warm compresses of the lumbar region, bathing with warm water also help reduce back pain quite effectively that you should apply. Gentle and regular massage of the lumbar region is also an effective analgesic, helping to increase blood circulation and help soften the muscles.

Calcium and magnesium supplements from food: greens, legumes, milk … and from medicines, functional foods for pregnant women as prescribed by a doctor so that the body develops healthy, prevents diseases.

In case of severe pain does not improve when using the above methods, the maternity can consult a doctor using painkillers.


Warming the lumbar region, bathing with warm water can also help reduce back pain quite effectively

3. When to see a doctor?

Back pain in the first 3 months is a common condition, but can also be a warning sign of a certain risk. It is necessary to go to a medical facility for examination when back pain appears the following signs:

  • Back pain with other symptoms such as vaginal bleeding, lower abdominal pain should immediately go to the doctor because it can be a sign of the threat of miscarriage, especially in the first 3 months with a high risk of pregnancy.
  • Painful or burning sensation when urinating, this can be caused by stones or inflammation of the urinary tract.
  • Severe back pain, smoldering lasts non-stop, back pain spreads throughout the buttocks, thighs, legs.

Back pain in the first 3 months of pregnancy is a common condition, caused by many causes. Women should apply the above methods to improve back pain. However, some cases with other signs of maternity should be noted to see a doctor in a timely manner.

The first 3 months are the most sensitive time during pregnancy. In order for the mother and baby to be healthy, reduce the sensation of back pain during pregnancy, parents should note:

  • Understand early signs of pregnancy, pregnancy poisoning, bleeding during pregnancy.
  • The first pregnancy examination is timely, correct and sufficient, avoiding the examination too early / too late.
  • Screening for fetal malformations at the 12th week detects dangerous fetal malformations that can intervene early.
  • Distinguishes the usual vaginal bleeding and pathology vaginal bleeding for timely pregnancy retention intervention.
  • Screening for thyroid disease in the first 3 months of pregnancy avoids dangerous risks before and during childbirth.

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