Reasons why menstruation is less, has an abnormal color

Menstruation is a normal psychological phenomenon in women that takes place on a monthly cycle. However, when menstruation has abnormalities in color as well as frequency and quantity, you need to pay attention to timely monitoring and examination because abnormal menstruation can potentially potentially dangerous gynecological diseases.

1. What is abnormal menstruation?

Menstruation is a normal psychological phenomenon of women. Menstruation flows from the uterus to the outside of the vagina due to the peeling of the lining of the uterus in the presence of conception. This phenomenon occurs in a monthly cycle, called the menstrual cycle.

Abnormal menstruation or menstrual disorders ,is when menstruation has a sudden change in color, quantity or duration of menstruation. Abnormalities of menstruation will potentially lead to many dangerous gynecological diseases, so you should absolutely not be subjective.

Some manifestations of abnormal menstruation are irregular menstruation, the color of menstruation has a change, or the frequency and amount of menstrual blood there are abnormalities.

Many women are subjective when they see abnormal menstruation, inadvertently causing pathogens to have a chance to live long in the body. This prolonged condition can cause many serious complications.


Abnormal menstruation is when there is a sudden change in color, quantity or duration of prolonged menstruation

2. Why is menstruation less and unusually colored?

Abnormal menstruation is a signal that there are problems in the woman's body. One of the most common manifestations of menstrual abnormalities is the changing color of menstrual blood. This is also the most recognizable sign when it comes to your menstrual cycle.

Some manifestations of menstrual color abnormalities accompanied by blood loss during menstruation include: menstruation is less and dark brown, brown menstruation is less prolonged,menstruation is dark brown … So what causes menstruation to be less and unusually colored? According to specialists, the cause of less brown menstruation may be:

  • Gynecology :

When you have gynecological inflammation, you may notice menstrual abnormalities, typically dark brown menstruation, which is less prolonged. Accompanied by abnormalities of menstruation are the condition of the closed area with a bad smell, abnormal gas discharge, itchy closed area … The above signs can be manifestations of some diseases such as vamatitis,inflamed pelvic areas, diseases related to the uterus….;

  • Pregnant women:

Brown bleeding may be a sign of pregnancy. However, not all sisters have this sign, so it often makes you feel bewildered. When the embryo moves into the uterus to nest, it will cause the lining of the uterus to peel off, causing brown blood to appear. You should go to the examination so that you can get the most accurate results when you see this sign;

Post-birth blood bandages

Brown bleeding may be a sign of pregnancy
  • Impaired hormones:

Before menstruation, the hormone in the woman's body is unbalanced, causing menstruation to brown and often delay later than previous cycles;

  • Ovaries and thyroid gland are impaired:

The ovaries and thyroid gland play an important role in the production of hormones. When the function of either of these bodies is impaired can be the cause of menstruation disorders, it is possible that menstruation will be less, the color is changed and the menstrual period lasts longer;

  • Due to uterine fibroids and uterine polyps:

Obstruction, obstruction of menstrual blood circulation occurs may be caused by uterine fibroids and uterine polyps;

  • Due to psychological stress:

Mood and emotions have a direct effect on the menstrual cycle of women, in which stress directly affects the color of menstruation. Unstable mood, or anxiety, stress can be the cause of less brown menstruation;

  • Due to the effects of the drug:

The regular use of contraceptives or anti-blood clot antibiotics, sedatives can cause menstruation to brown. The medicinal substances in the drug alter the menstrual cycle causing abnormalities with the accompanying manifestation of a change in the color of menstruation.

Usually at the end of the menstrual cycle, you will see that menstruation is black because the lining of the uterus at this time peels less and unevenly, so the menstrual blood is less and stagnant in the vaginal uterus for some time before flowing out, so it is normal for menstruation to be black.

However, in some cases, black menstruation may be a manifestation of pathology:

  • Disrupted genital end of life:

Black and little menstruation,which lasts continuously for more than 7 days means menstruation. This phenomenon may be caused by end of the sex disorders. Often this phenomenon will occur at puberty due to endomeausal activities of the sysal glands, ovaries that have not yet been mastered, or may occur in pre-menices due to impaired functioning of the ovaries. Psychological stress, altered habitat also causes end of end of life to be disturbed;

  • Damaged lining of the uterus:

May be caused by cervical polyps or fibroids under the lining of the uterus, more dangerous may be caused by cancer of the lining of the uterus – uterus. Menstruation is black at least, the menstrual cycle remains even after performing a scraping of the lining of the uterus or abortion, which can be a sign of a sticky uterus, part of the lining of the cervical canal is sticky. For accurate results, you need to do tests and diagnostic imaging;

  • Open cesarean scars:

After cesarean section, black menstruation may appear in the last days of menstruation, which is caused by an incision in the uterus on the side of the lining of the uterus forming a slit, the stagnant menstrual blood at this incision will take some time to get out. The phenomenon of open cesarean scars is quite common, if it affects the quality of life, causing vaginitis … surgery is required to repair the incision;

  • Related to pregnancy:

If menstruation is dark brown, it may be pregnant leopard blood, this is a normal phenomenon. But menstruation is black, accompanied by abdominal pain, it can be a manifestation of an extra-intra-uterus pregnancy or a sign of still pregnancy, threatening to miscarry…. These signs need to be detected and handled in a timely manner, avoiding danger to life.

Women need to always pay attention to their menstrual cycle to be able to recognize abnormalities, because this can be a manifestation of a gynecological pathology such as inflammation, fibroids, infertility,.. Early detection and timely treatment will help the treatment process take place quickly and effectively, avoiding serious effects on the health of reproduction later.

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