Reasons why you have hair loss on the body

The body is shedding due to a lot of causes. However, if not detected early, this can be a danger to your health. Here are some common causes that cause you to experience body hair loss.

1. Hormone imbalance

Hair loss or hair loss may be a manifestation you have suffered from polycystic ovary syndrome. This is a dangerous problem that takes place due to hormone changes and affects women's health. Polycystic ovary syndrome can be the cause of densers in the closed area. Sometimes, due to hormones, some areas that do not have functions or do not need protection are also at risk of such dense hair growth.

As in males, due to hormones, hair will grow in front of the chest or chin. Some may grow a lot in the legs or hands, even on the fingers. This is considered to be due to the influence of male hormones. Sometimes, hair growth in some closed areas in men is considered to be the image or way of sex discrimination between men and women.

2. Hair loss due to disorders of the body's auto immunity system

Signs of patchy or inable hair loss may be caused by an attack on the immune system, which causes hair follicles to hurt and become unable to grow. Parts that occur such a condition of shedding can be prolonged, especially baldness in the scalp area. Shedding can occur in the eyebrows, eyelashes or body with widespread shedding.

It is believed to be a common hair loss. However, with hair, you can consult a doctor to come up with an improved method. Hair follicles, although reduced in ability, can still replenish nutrients and medical interventions, so you can still stimulate hair to grow back to its original form.

Patchy hair loss

Hair loss in patches or ins not being able to grow back may be due to the attack of the immune system.

3. Thyroid condition causes shedding

When you detect signs of shedding that are accompanied by some manifestations such as body fatigue, poor motor muscles or dry skin, sudden weight gain, tell your treating doctor. These manifestations may warn you are having problems with the thyroid gland. In this case, it is possible that you will be prescribed medication to improve and help the thyroid gland to function stably again.

With the pathology of shedding caused by the thyroid gland, you will have to carry out treatment for several months. You also do not need to worry too much about the condition when taking drugs for the thyroid gland because they very rarely cause hair loss for users. However, if unfortunately you fall into the rare number, inform your doctor as soon as possible.

4. You are living with diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is a disease caused by a change in blood glucose beyond the body index allowed. At the same time, when you have diabetes, hair follicle cells can be destroyed or impaired in their inherent function. This problem usually occurs after the patient has been diagnosed with signs or has had diabetes.

When you have hair disease, you will thin out due to a lot of loss or quite a long time to grow back as before. The phenomenon of shedding will occur more and more pronounced if you do not use a few methods of blood circulation. You can ask your doctor to control your blood glucose levels and develop treatment options as needed.

Type 2 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes can also be the cause of hair loss.

5. Hair loss due to genetic factors

It is possible that at birth you have had problems affecting the normal development of your hair. This is also a hypothesis that many researchers are interested in and put into the experiment. If newborn babies are born after birth, the body appears thin, sparse or fragile hair, which can be put into a genetic disorder.

Heredity of hair loss can continue and occur nonstop until the child is established. In addition, you may face the risk of hair or hair in affected areas that cannot grow or grow very slowly.

6. Arrhythmthmous disorders

When you have addison's disease, your amenity glands will fall into a state of inaperable production of enough hormones according to your body needs. These include two hormones, cortisol and aldosterone. This is the cause of the body's shedding and shedding of the closed area, making life difficult for women.

When suffering from this disease, the body will always feel tired, exhausted, change the color of the skin and some stomach problems. If the above signs appear and suspect that you have Contracted Addison's disease, seek out your doctor immediately. Although the disease can be treated with medication, if you ignore it can be the cause of death.

7. Sexually infecting diseases

Some sexually transmitted diseases can become the cause of body shedding. Especially when entering the later stages of syphilis,the hair will show signs of shedding in pieces. Accompanied by it, you will have a fever, sore throat or a rash but do not feel itchy. Most importantly, you need to pay attention to medications for sexually transmitted diseases to protect your personal health.

You will only be able to soothe the effects of the disease instead of completely removing them from the body. Syphilis when suffered, although good treatment, there is still a risk of damage to the eyes, heart, brain. To minimize your risk of getting sick, always remember to use a condom to prevent sexually transmitted infections.

increased libido

Some sexually transmitted diseases can become the cause of body shedding.

8. The body has iron deficiency

Iron deficiency anemia can be a cause of hair loss. When your body is undernourished, the hairline will weaken and lead to dry fibrosis falling out. Therefore, doctors often check the iron concentration in the body to initially diagnose the cause of hair loss.

After the test results are determined to be anemia or iron deficiency, the doctor will give advice on each case. Most often, iron-rich food enhancement solutions such as meat, beans and greens are commonly used. In a situation where your body is difficult to absorb, your doctor will prescribe or recommend some functional foods that are right for you.

9. Daily diet with nutritional deficiencies

Iron is just one of the minerals that make hair stronger. In order for the hair follicles to be healthy and functioning well, you need to ensure that the body is fully supplemented with vitamins and minerals on the menu every day. If you eat poorly scientifically or the body is poorly absorbed then shedding will occur prolonged.

To check if you are undernourished, your doctor will do an analytical test. You may be asked to increase the use of foods rich in proteins and vitamin D to improve the condition. However, more research materials are needed to be able to draw accurate conclusions about the effects of the nutrients needed in preventing shedding.

10. Excess vitamin A and selenium

Although when hair loss occurs it is necessary to take vitamin and mineral supplements, there are some cases when these substances are excess that will affect health. Studies show that when the body absorbs too much vitamin A and selenium, it increases the risk of hair loss.

Vitamin A needs

The body absorbs too much vitamin A and selenium will increase the risk of hair loss.

11. The body is under too much pressure

When we regularly face life pressures, resistance weakens. This is also the cause of the loss of function in the follicles. Therefore, the hair will fall out more and more without your knowledge until the condition becomes serious.

Stress is equally dangerous compared to auto-immunity. Sometimes, you shed due to a psychological action. According to the study, hair removal or hair loss often occurs in people presenting with mental disorders. When you pull out too much hair, that area will be difficult to regrow and lead to baldness.

12. Hair loss in areas where scars appear

Inflammatory syndrome can be the cause of the weakening of the hair follicles. That's called hair loss in bunches. You can also see that the scarred skin tends to be thicker than normal skin and there are changes that make it very difficult for hair or hair to grow. These conditions will significantly affect the aesthetics.

Some studies show that inflammatory disorder syndrome is highly likely to lead to the body losing hair. Therefore, you need to clearly identify the cause and treat it early so that the hair or hair in that area has the condition to grow back.

The above are some of the reasons that the body is shedding for your reference. If you find yourself suffering from one of the manifestations, go to the medical facility for early advice and treatment.

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