Neonatal jaundice treatment

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Lighting is considered one of the most effective, easy-to-implement and economical treatments for neonatal jaundice today. However, the therapeutic effect of this method depends a lot on: Intensity – wavelength of light released by the lamp, the distance from jaundice lamps to babies, how to choose the right yellow light projector …

1. Learn about Bilirubin increased jaundice in newborns

Distinguishing jaundice and jaundice due to bi bicytal atrophy

Jaundice will not affect the health of the child

Jaundice in babies is a phenomenon that occurs when increased blood bilirubin levels permeate the skin and organization causes jaundice, yellowing of the mucous membranes. Jaundice almost occurs with all newborns and appears around the 2nd day after birth.

For jaundice, children often do not show any health effects but only urinate or go to yellow stools about 2-3 times a day. This phenomenon will last about 10-15 days after birth and automatically cure without treatment.

If jaundice is more severe, inevitable for a long time of about 1-2 weeks, there are accompanying symptoms such as anemia, enlarged liver, breastfeeding, heavy sleep, increased and rapid increase in bilirubin in babies, it will become a phenomenon of pathologyjaundice , especially for premature babies, babies who are not breastfed, formula, children who disagree with their mother, infection …

Pathological jaundice needs to be treated as soon as possible otherwise it will leave dangerous symptoms, one of which is neuro-intoxication syndrome.

2. Neonatal yellow light projection technical process

High radiation lamp for newborn jaundice treatment

Neonatal yellow light projection technique is an advanced, modern technique

Cases of jaundice in babies with a decree of light projection therapy must meet the following criteria:

  • Jaundice appears in the 24 hours after birth.
  • Excessive indirect increased jaundice Bilirubin has not shown signs of pre-intoxication or neuroinfection.
  • Light projection is aimed at the prevention of jaundice in the case of premature babies,babies born with trauma on the skin and severe hemorrhages, children with blood tumors

Those who do not apply the jaundice screening procedure are those who suffer from congenital urological disease or children with direct bilirubin increased jaundice.

The neonatal yellow light projection technique involves the following steps:

  • Prepare and inform the baby's family.
  • Examination – evaluation of all the muscles of the newborn.
  • Assess the degree of jaundice of the child.
  • Ensure aseptic, warm and airy hygiene when conducting lighting methods.
  • Cover your child's eyes with a dark cloth.
  • Use diapers to cover the child's genitals to limit testicular atrophy, affecting later reproduction function.
  • Reveal your child's entire body to ensure the most light is shining on the child's body.
  • Provide enough water for the baby before shining the lamp, it is best to breastfeed.
  • Place the child in the incubator in the center of the light.
  • Turn on the light switch and adjust the temperature of the jaundice projector to suit the temperature of the child's body.
  • Change the child's position every 2-4 hours.
  • Check blood bilirubin levels continuously every 12-24 hours to determine the time of illumination for jaundice children.

In addition to the above-mentioned neonatal jaundice lighting techniques, in order to achieve the most effective treatment results, the person who implements the method of yellowing the baby should also note the following issues:

  • About yellow light projector:

It is necessary to choose a yellow light projector with blue or white light, best of all blue light, followed by green light and at least white light but the therapeutic effect will be lower.

The light chosen to illuminate the newborn jaundice treatment lamp must be light with a wavelength of 400-480 nm because when shining these light rays, the energy it emits will penetrate the skin, to the layers of fat under the skin that convert indirect Bilirubin molecules into homage molecules or oxidizing optical products that do not harm the young brain, dissolved in water, so it will be eliminated through the liver and kidneys.

  • About the distance of yellowing lamps for babies:

In order for the effectiveness of treatment of jaundice to increase Bilirubin in newborns is highest, it is necessary to place a jaundice projector so that the distance from the lamp to the child is between 30-50 cm.

  • On how to shine a jaundice lamp for babies:

Using blue light to shine on the child's skin has been completely exposed, only covering the eyes and genitals so that the child's body is most exposed to blue light. Rotate the child's body about every 2-4 hours to increase the area of contact of the body with the light coming from the light. Continuous illuminations, or distances. Use a 1-way or 2-way lamp (in case the child has severe jaundice and jaundice gradually increases)

  • Lighting time for jaundice children:

The duration of the lamp for a child with jaundice depends on the clinical condition of the child's jaundice as well as the indirect and total concentration of Bilirubin when taking a blood test. When jaundice decreases along with bilirubin concentration returns to normal values, light illumination may be discontinued. When the lamp shines ineffectively and the concentration of Bilirubin continues to rise, immediately consider the method of blood replacement for the child.

If the child has abnormalities in daily life such as little feeding, a lot of sleep, jaundice … parents who need to take their child to the nearest medical center for indirect examination and detection of bilirubin increased jaundice. From there, it is possible to apply neonatal jaundice lamp therapy right at the hospital to meet the standards and bring the highest efficiency.

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Reference: Portal of The Department of Meded and Child Health – Ministry of Health


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