Endometriosis: When to operate?

Endometriosis is not life-threatening but causes patients pain and discomfort, especially at the time of menstruation, in addition to endometriosis also affects pregnancy. Therefore the goal of treatment is to exclude endometriosis lesions, treat symptoms (pain and infertility) and prevent recurrence.

1. What is endometriosis in the muscles of the uterus?

The endo willea is the inner lining of the uterus, at the beginning of the cycle the endometrial layer grows thickened, ready for the nesting of the embryo. But without pregnancy, this endometrial layer will peel off to create menstruation. Endometriosis is a pathology associated with the presence of endometrial glands and buffer tissue on the outside of the uterus. This presence creates chronic inflammation, development and degeneration according to the menstrual cycle influenced by the genital end of the sex.

Extra-pelvic endometriosis has been recorded in many locations, including the periority, diaphragm, abdominal wall, perineum (perineal incision) and thoracic region. In addition, endometriosis can invade the entire thickness of the rectum, intestines, ureter or bladder. Symptoms of endometriosis vary depending on the location and degree of invasiveness. Patients with initial endometriosis are usually asymptoatic. Then menstrual disorders appear, blood flowing much during menstruation, abdominal pain when menstruation is getting worse and prolonged, pain during sex.

The cause of endometriosis is currently unknown. About 5–10% of women of child age have endometriosis. The disease has a pronounced high frequency in infertile women.


Endometriosis in the muscles of the uterus

2. Should endometriosis be operated on?

The principle of treatment of endometriosis is to treat only when there are symptoms of pain or infertility or both. The goal of the treatment is to relieve pain, reduce the level of progress and recurrence of the disease, increase the likelihood of pregnancy.

Most women with endometriosis are eager to preserve fertility. Therefore, preference is given to choosing the least invasive, effective and least long-term treatments. The choice of treatment is based on the objective of treatment: Analgesic or pregnant, it is possible to apply the following methods: Analgesic, hormonal, surgical, assisted reproductive methods or a combination of these methods.

3. When should endometriosis be operated on?

Surgery for endometriosis is in place in the following cases:

  • Pelvic pain:
  • Not responding to medical treatment, contraindicing to medical treatment
  • Pathology of the appicular part: twisting or rupture of the cyst
  • Deep endometriosis: intestines, bladder, ureter,
  • Endometriosis of the ovarian body
  • Rarely there are additional combination factors

Laparoscopic surgery is preferred in endometriosis because there are many advantages over open surgery, good surgery, faster recovery of patients.

For asymptoatic endometriosis patients who do not require medical treatment or surgery, patients with pain associated with endometriosis only operate after a failed medical treatment.


Picture of endometriosis

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