The running technique has several stages

Re-running is a sport of athletics. Although popular, it is required that participants understand the running techniques to achieve good results. The running technique is divided into several stages and each has a different role.

1. What is a resed run?

Re-running is a sport divided into teams, each of which will support each other to complete the race. Re-runs are classified as athletics. With a 4×100 re-run, there are 4 runners competing and carrying a cane.

The people in the team will pass the sticks to each other and when they reach the finish line, stop. The team with the earliest race completion time wins, the usual time for each stroke pass is 2.2 seconds.

The head plays a warm-up role for the team, which is an important position and the other 3 continue to give sticks to each other. The distance for each handing of the stick is 20m and must be 10m from the destination area. Athletes in the course of the competition need to ensure that the sticks are given in the right position, in accordance with the previously prescribed distance.

2. What are the stages of the re-run technique?

For a good result, athletes need to know the basic running technique. Dividing the track into several stages is the best measure to help participants better support each other as well as distribute and control time effectively. So inthe " running technique there are several stages", usually in the technique of running the power is divided into 4 stages, which are:

Motor phase

At this stage, athletes need to warm up and warm up the body, which is considered a very important stage. When starting will help you reduce the risk of muscle tension during running, not only that it also supports lubrication of the joints, thereby increasing the flexibility of the body.

Let's start with muscle compression exercises or local activities. This helps you to be prepared to participate in the competition as well as understand the time of the competition.

Re-running techniques

In general, the running technique has 4 stages

Starting stage

The first position is the one that should be noted due to the warm-up role for the team. When the athlete understands the technique of starting the race, it will help the body quickly adapt to the race, making the running rhythm faster.

Acceleration phase

During acceleration, you need to pay attention to your heart rate and breathing. The best way is to inhale deeply during the run and exhale the whole thing to provide the necessary amount of oxygen to the body in the best way. The retainer participating at this stage during the run should not swing his arms too hard to avoid losing strength.

During the "sprint" phase, athletes need to apply good deep breathing techniques to make the running process more efficient and reduce fatigue.

Finishing stage

Once at the destination, athletes need to slow down slowly, do not sit down always but need to walk and breathe regularly to coat the myocardial infarction. During the rest, athletes should compensate for the energy lost when participating in the competition. Some electrolye-supplemented drinking water or Energy Bar or Protein Bar can be used.

In short, running is a sport of athletics. Although popular, it is required that participants understand the running techniques to achieve good results.

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