How to check male infertility?

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Currently, the condition of men with infertility is constantly increasing, which significantly affects psychology and life. To limit this condition, examination and examination of male infertility is essential to detect the disease early and have timely treatment methods.

1. Male infertility

Male infertility is when the body does not produce enough quantity and quality of sperm that makes sperm less, weak, deformed, dead or blocked sperm is not exported out of the sperm path. Factors such as: diseases, injuries, chronic diseases, food, lifestyle … may play a role in causing male infertility.

2. Male infertility examination

Male infertility

To be able to treat male infertility in the most effective way, patients should see a doctor as soon as possible

Examining male infertility to properly diagnose the condition can be one of the most difficult challenges facing the man. However, with the progress of medicine, we have found ways to treat male infertility, helping patients to perform their own functions.

How to check male infertility?

The doctor will use several methods to diagnose male infertility, including:

  • General examination: This includes examining the genitals and asking questions about genetic conditions, problems with chronic diseases, injuries or surgery that can affect fertility. The doctor may also ask more about sexual habits during puberty.
  • Semen analysis: Semen samples should be provided to conduct testing. Semen will be collected and sent to the laboratory to count the number of semen and assess if there are any abnormalities in the shape (erm) and movement (movement) of the sperm. The lab will also examine semen for related signs such as infections. Usually the number of sperm fluctuates significantly from one sample to another. In most cases, several semen analysis tests are carried out over a certain period of time to ensure accurate results.

Tests to help determine the causes of male infertility such as:

  • Scrotal ultrasound: This probe can help the doctor see if there is a varicose veins in the scrotum, varicose veins of the epidural, micro calcification of the testicles or other problems in the testicles, epidural, and scrotum.
  • Hormonal tests: Sex hormones such as Testosterone and sex hormones such as FSH, LH produced from the sac route play a major role in sex development and sperm production. Abnormalities in hormonal systems or other bodies such as prolactin increase, or estradiol can also contribute to infertility.
  • Urine test after ionization: Sperm in the urine may show that the sperm is moving backwards into the bladder instead of out of the penis during ionization (reverse ion).
  • Genetic testing: When sperm levels are extremely low or sperm-free can be found in these cases genetic abnormalities such as: Loss of Y chroma segment, Klinefelter syndrome….
  • Testes :Surgery to open the testicles or poke a small needle taken out of the testicle to assess the sperm flow structure. If the results of a testes bioseptic show that sperm production is normal, then it is possible that the problem is due to obstruction or other problems related to sperm transport.
  • Specialized sperm function tests: Some tests can be used to check how well sperm survives when ionization, how well sperm can penetrate the egg, and whether there are any problems when the sperm meets the egg. However, this is a test that is rarely carried out and often does not have significant changes to the treatment recommendations.
  • Rectal ultrasound: This method has a small probe that is lubricated and inserted into the rectum to examine the evaluation of prostate structure, sperm sac, catalytic tube and blockage.

Itno longer depends on the cause and extent of the disease. If male infertility comes from atrophy of spermatotic germ cells, it is difficult to treat to ask for sperm. On the contrary, if the cause is due to a reasonable, spermic error, less weak sperm or a common pathology, the chances of cure are very high and the cost of treatment is inexpensive.

Where is the male infertility examination?

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