What is post-birth uterus control for?

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Vegetable books are considered the most dangerous stage in a calving because of the highest risk of complications occurring. Control of the uterus is carried out after the vegetable book or after the peeling of artificial vegetables to check if there are vegetable omissions or membrane omissions and the integrity of the uterus.

Vegetable omissions or membrane omissions lead to post-birth blood bandages, post-production infections are very dangerous, so women need to be controlled in the uterus if there is a risk of vegetable omissions and membrane omissions.

1. What is control of the uterus?

Control of the uterus is a medical procedure performed after the vegetable has been booked or immediately after the peeling of artificial vegetables to check if there are leftover vegetables or membranes, the integrity of the uterus and take all the blood clots that cleanse the uterus.


Control of the uterus

2. When to control the uterus?

Control of the uterus is in place in the following cases:

  • Maternity bleeds bright red after vegetable book.
  • Checking the vegetables for suspected remaining part of the vegetable, then it is necessary to control the uterus to check the missing vegetables after the register.
  • Missed vegetable membranes.
  • Face-to-face vegetables come out before this type of vegetable book or cause vegetable omissions, so it is necessary to control the uterus.
  • Check the integrity of the uterus to see if there is a rupture of the uterus after difficult procedures such as Forceps, internal rotation, abortion in case of pregnancy death in the uterus … or on the uterus with scars of old pregnancy surgery.

Note: The maternity is stunned, must be resed then to control the uterus.

3. Steps to control the uterus

3.1 Preparation

  • Medical supplies: Aseptic gloves, harmless towels, urination, antiseptic.
  • Medications: Resuscitation, heart support for stun, uterus contractions
  • Maternity: Explain to the maternity understand, the mage should lie comfortably, do not contract the abdominal wall, be given painkillers and antiseptic.
  • Healthcare workers: Doctors or obstetrician wash their hands, wear hats, wear aseptic gloves.

3.2 Steps

If controlling the uterus after peeling artificial vegetables: after peeling vegetables, do not remove the right hand from the vaginal uterus, but use that hand to control the uterus.

Step 1: One hand placed on the abdomen holds the bottom of the uterus, the purpose of which is to fix the uterus.

Step 2:

  • The other hand enters the vagina, through the cervical, into the uterus until

the bottom of the uterus, and then check one by one: The bottom of the uterus, the front, the back, the banks and the two horns of the uterus with the fingertips. Normally, the uterus chamber is not rough. If you see vegetable fragments, vegetable membranes are gently pulled, and check if the uterus cracks. After checking and taking all the leftover vegetables, pull out your hands to avoid putting your hands on many times easily stunned and infected and increase the risk of stun for the pregnant woman.

  • If it is not possible to put your hands in the uterus because the waist of the uterus squeezes, wait, gradually tighten the cervical by hand, inject the drug to reduce uterine contraction.

Step 3: After controlling if the uterus is not recovering well, use your hands in the uterus to raise the bottom of the uterus close to the abdominal wall so that the woman injects 5 units of Oxytocin into the muscles of the uterus through the abdominal wall, then pulls out the hand.

Step 4: To avoid the risk of infection after control of the uterus, the maternity is prescribed antibiotics for 5 days.

4. Monitoring and handling accidents after controlling the uterus


If the stunned maternity needs to treat active resuscitation quickly with medication
  • Monitor the state of the vessel, temperature, blood pressure of the maternity.
  • Contraction of the uterus,the amount of blood and the properties of blood flowing from the uterus.
  • If after controlling the uterus still see bright red blood coming out of the vagina, it is necessary to check for lesions in the cervical, vaginal, perimensical layer , does the uterus recover well or does the maternity have a coaking disorder?
  • If the stunned maternity needs to treat active resuscitation quickly with drugs and means.

Control of the uterus is necessary when the maternity is bleeding after the vegetable book, vegetable omissions, membrane omissions, on people at risk of tearing the uterus. After the maternity procedure should be monitored and handled in a timely manner.

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