Stimulate labor with drugs: When to use?

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In some special cases, the use of the method of birth is essential to avoid possible complications during the birth of the baby. This method is used only when directed by a doctor through ultrasound, clinical testing when signs of instability occur with the pregnant woman or fetus.

1. What is the stimulation of labor with drugs?

Stimulating drug labor, also known as genitals, is a drug intervention that promotes labor to end pregnancy through vaginal reclining.

There are currently two main and safe methods of initiating drug labor: intravenous oxytocin infusion and placing cerviprim – which is a Prostaglandin E2.

After being injected with birth pills,the pregnant mother will feel some of the following signs:

  • Strong contractions appear cumbersome and strong, at the same time other signs of labor such as back pain, cramps… The incident caused her to feel pain, sweating cold and shortness of breath.
  • The mother's cervical opening will open faster and when it reaches 10cm it also means that the baby is ready to go out.

Use of augmentin in pregnant women and lactation women

Birth pills help the cervical open faster, favorable for childbirth

2. Risks that may be encountered when giving birth with medication

In general, birth control measures are quite safe but it can still pose certain risks:

  • High risk of cesarean section: If the methods of birth are ineffective, the doctor will prescribe a cesarean section.
  • Stay in the hospital longer: If you are to give birth, you must stay in the hospital longer during labor and childbirth. If you have to have a cesarean section after giving birth, the longer your stay in the hospital will take.
  • Strong sysentmuscles : Birthing can cause stronger and more continuous contractions than natural labor. Therefore, it is more likely that you have to have an anesthesia or some other drug to control the pain.
  • Fetal infections: After taking birth control pills, rupture of the amniotic sac can lead to infection if you do not give birth within a day or two.

3. When to stimulate labor with drugs?

Drug-urged labor is introsent to:

  • Stimulates drug labor when the pregnant woman exceeds the due date of birth 2 weeks (old pregnancy) but there are no signs of labor or yes but takes place too slowly.
  • When the amniotic sac has ruptured, but the labor has not yet arrived, you need to use birth control pills to reduce the risk of infection from the baby's stomach through the baby's body, especially when the amniotic membrane is torn.
  • Mothers who suffer from pre-production during pregnancy can endanger the lives of both mothers, limiting the blood and nutrients transferred to the baby.
  • The mother suffers from chronic or chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes or kidney disease.
  • The mother has multiple amniotic fluid or has some problems in the uterus.
  • There are other cases where it is necessary to use birth control drugs such as delayed or non-developmental pregnancies; abnormal pregnancy chroma chroma; strong lack of amniotic fluid; still pregnancy.

The method of labor urging with birth control drugs is contrained in case of:

  • The mother's pelvis is narrow; there are surgical scars in the uterus; active genital herpes.
  • Women who have had cesarean section or have had uterus surgery before. Strong contractions can cause the placenta to separate from the walls of the uterus (placenta peeling).
  • The mother has severe chronic pathology, cervical cancer.
  • Multi-pregnancy and multiple births.
  • The fetus has a horizontal,buttocks, large fetus.
  • Each striker and each other cling low.

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