In what cases is cervical sewing in design?

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The cleft waist of the uterus is a condition where the waist of the uterus thins and opens before the pregnancy is large enough for the baby to be born. This is one of the causes of sudden miscarriage in women. Cervical stitching is an invasive procedure that reduces the risk of miscarriage, premature birth due to the cause of cleft uterus waist.

1. What is cervical sewing?

Cervical sewing is a procedure to stitch a circle around the cervical to narrow holes in the cervical, safely protect the fetus in the abdomen, avoid miscarriage and premature birth. Cervical sewing is carried out during pregnancy from 14 to 18 weeks, which can be from 13 to less than 20 weeks.

Pregnant women are prescribed stitches to the cervical necklace after a medical history examination and imaging diagnosis.

History of obstetrics or ultrasound:

  • Large miscarriage or premature birth before 28 weeks ≥ 2 consecutive times with the characteristics of rapid labor without causing pain.
  • Have a history of miscarriage or premature birth (from 14 -36 weeks) with the characteristics of rapid labor without causing pain accompanied by risk factors of the cleft uterus: uterine ovarian axectar, tip-off, cervical circums section, cervical tearing, collagen pathology, abnormalities in the uterus or cervical.
  • Measurement of cervical length via ultrasound of the open vaginal < 25mm và/hoặc có sự thay đổi cổ tử cung qua thăm khám ở tuổi thai trước 24 tuần kèm theo yếu tố nguy cơ line of the uterus.

Vaginal reclining cervical ultrasound image:

  • Holes in the funnel-shaped cervical.
  • The correlation between the length of the cervical and the shape of the hole in the cervical with the forms T, Y, V, U.
  • Cervical length < 25 mm.
  • Presence of the fetal part in the cervical or vaginal part.

Cervical sewing

Cervical sewing image

2. In what cases is cervical sewing in design?

  • Consecutive miscarriages due to the opening of the uterus waist.
  • In cases where the history of miscarriage is two or more times of unknown cause.
  • In special cases such as twin pregnancies that ultrasound measures the length of the cervical less than 25mm

3. Contrainatrained

The following cases are contrained with cervical sewing:

  • Gestational age is over 14 weeks.
  • Inflammation of the vagina, cervical.
  • Pregnancy dies.

4. Steps to proceed to the stitching of the cervical ring

  • Cervical reveal. Disinfection of the area of the, vagina and cervical region.
  • Conduct a round stitching procedure
  • Check the only button. Vaginal and cervical disinfection.

5. Follow-up after cervical sewing surgery

  • Patients are given a bed break after 3 days to monitor bleeding, uterus contractions, amniotic rupture.
  • Medical staff will withdraw the gauze after 4-6 hours.
  • Antibiotic therapy (oral) and anti-contraction of the uterus.
  • Normally, the pregnant woman will be discharged after 3 days and instructed to re-enter the hospital when there is: uterus contraction, vaginal bleeding, vaginal amniotic fluid, the date of the cut is only enough pregnancy 37 weeks.

Canopy of kidney stones through the skin - VMDN patient photo

After cervical sewing surgery, patients should be monitored at the hospital

6. Possible complications after cervical sewing

  • Bleeding: usually bleeding (except in case of unsym detected blood disease) after inserting hem bleeding gauze for 3-4 hours.
  • Infection: due to a non-eptic procedure, or due to a stable drive of uns treated genital tract infections.
  • Causes miscarriage or premature calving: due to contractions.
  • Rupture of the amniotic fluid, or amniotic fluid.
  • Breaking the needle into the cervical cervical.

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Reference source: Guidance on technical procedures for medical examination and treatment specialized in Maternity – Ministry of Health


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