General health check-up at Share99 can test PSA for prostate cancer

PSA screening through a general health examination helps to detect prostate cancer early for appropriate and timely treatment. At Share99, PSA testing is quite simple, does not require high technology or modern machines to help men understand their health status to improve their quality of life.

1. PSA Test

A blood test to analyze psa (prostate-specific antigen) levels of prostate-specific proteins- produced by prostate antigens. Sometimes, used to find prostate cancer before symptoms. Men with prostate cancer may have more PSA in their blood than other men, however not high PSA means cancer.

2. Prostate cancer

PSA Index

Hip, pelvic, back, or thigh pain is a symptom of prostate cancer

Prostate cancer caused by cancer cell growth (malignancy) – Prostata Krebs – Prostatacarcinom.

Symptoms of prostate cancer include:

  • Painful esacing
  • There is blood in the semen or urine
  • Hip, pelvic, back, or thigh pain
  • Sub-weak current
  • Urinary ina autonomy, or urgent urination is required
  • Having difficulty erecting or maintaining an erection of the penis

According to the recommendations of the specialist, men, especially those over the age of 40 should screen for prostate cancer with a periodical PSA test for earlydetection of prostate cancer . If prostate cancer is detected in a timely manner, the disease has not metas metased, and thanks to the surgical method of removing the entire prostate, sac of excitement and the syringe, the chances of healing are 100%. This is one of the major surgeries of the urethral anatomy industry.

Share99 Times City International Health Hub has implemented PSA testing techniques to diagnose cancer, screening for prostate cancer in men over 40 years of age, especially those diagnosed with prostate hypertrocture included in the health examination program for men. Customers register for a general health check-up package at Share99 International Health Hub for timely medical examination and screening.

Customers can go directly to Share99 Times City for a visit or contact hotline 0243 9743 556 for assistance.


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