What does the results of vaginal screening say?

Vaginal screening is a method that supports the diagnosis of gynecologic pathology. This is a common method of helping to determine the cause of abnormal gas damage in women.

1. What is vaginal soothing?

Spoiled gases are fluids from the uterus chamber, the cervical is secreted by the Bartholin gland. In its normal state, the spoiled gas is colorless, odorless, slightly thickened, at the time of ovulation or near the menstrual cycle, the spoiled gas will be more and denser.

When you have gynecologic inflammation, naughty gas is a true reflection of the patient's health status. Vaginal screening is a method of determining the causes and condition of abnormal gases, thereby identifying gynecologic diseases in women.

Fresh vaginal examination is a common technique, performed simply and gives fast results. Women should perform a fresh vaginal examination when there are abnormal symptoms in the closed area such as:

  • The gas is abnormally damaged;
  • Vagina itching;
  • Sex hurts;
  • Urination, urination, hematoma;
  • Bad gas smells bad, fishy, sour, yellow or blue, brown …

Spoiled gas and white blood: What to know

Women should perform a fresh scan of vaginal juice if there is abnormal gases

2. Steps to conduct a fresh vaginal examination

The procedure of freshening vaginal translation is carried out in 4 steps:

Step 1:The doctor uses the duck beak inserted inside the vagina to observe, if there are abnormalities, will proceed to take a damaged amount of gas for analysis tests.

Step 2:The doctor reads the results and shows if you are infected with any fungi or bacteria, then offer appropriate treatments for each type of disease.

Step 3:In case of abnormalities, the patient will be prescribed other tests such as culture, Gram vaginal smear dyeing to accurately diagnose the cause of the disease.

Disease 4: Depending on the cause and type of disease and develop a treatment regimen for each type of disease. It is common to place the drug in place in combination with prescribing the drug. In case of severe illness, antibiotics will be made to determine the right antibiotic for each patient.

For the most accurate vaginal screening results, patients need to clean the enclosure with clean water, do not use feminine sanitation solution or soap because they can affect the composition of vaginal translation; No vaginal dosing; Do not have sex before freshening up.

3. What does a vaginal soothing say?

Vaginal examination in which abnormal gas causes occurs, while identifying gynecologic diseases in women. The inflammatory properties of the closed area are conventiond:

  • Prestige h:normal result, no inflammation of the closed area.
  • Positive :presence of an inflammatory agent of the area.

How to read the results of fresh vaginal examination is as follows:

Name of the inflammatory



Mushrooms (Candida albicans )

Microfungal infections


Trichomonas vaginalis

Infection caused by parasites


Gram Causation (+)
Gram (-)
Gram Twinning (-)
Gardnerella vaginalis

Bacterial infections



Show the degree of inflammation


Gram-gram (+)

Relative determination of the amount of Lactobacillus present

3. Why go for a vaginal examination at Share99 International Health Hub?

What diseases should women periodically check

Share99 International Health Hub is a reliable address to perform examinations for gynecology diseases

Share99 International Health Hub is a reliable address to perform visits to gynecology diseases with a team of highly specialized and experienced doctors; Modern equipment system; Comfortable, ile clinics; Ensuring the safety and privacy of customers; Modern and optimal online information data management, sharing and connection model; Comprehensive and professional medical examination, consultation and treatment services …

Currently, Share99 International Health Hub has a basic gynecologic examination andscreening package, helping customers detect inflammatory diseases early for easy and inexpensive treatment. Early screening for gynecologic cancer (Cervical cancer)

The basic gynecology examination and screening package for female clients, with no age limit and possible symptoms as follows:

  • Abnormal bleeding of the vaginal area;
  • Menstrual problems: abnormally prolonged cycles, irregular menstruation;
  • Abnormal vaginal volume (with a bad smell, unusual color);
  • Pain, itching of the closed area;
  • Female customers have a few risk factors such as bad personal hygiene, unsafe sex,abortion, ,…
  • Female customers have other symptoms such as abnormal vaginal discharge, itching, pain in the closed area, abnormal vaginal bleeding.

When registering for the examination package, screening for basic gynecology pathology,customers will receive a gynecology examination; Ultrasound of the ovaries through the vagina; Ultrasound of the mammary glands on both sides and performing other tests, including a fresh vaginal ultrasound.

For direct advice, please click hotline number or register online HERE. In addition, you can register for remote consultation HERE


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