Does smoking an egg hurt?

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Abortion is a procedure to insert straws into the uterus to suck out eggs and vegetables. The procedure of abortion is more dangerous than normal pregnancy suction because the uterus is large and soft, so it is prone to complications of bleeding, perforation of the uterus, or omission of eggs.

1. Overview of egg pregnancy

Egg pregnancy,also known as egg-taking, is an abnormal condition that accounts for about 2% of pregnancy. In it, part or all of each other's cakes degenerate and form vesicular bags containing no blood vessels. These water wraps combine in bunches similar to small bunches. There are three forms of egg-laying:

  • Total egg pregnancy: Without a fetus, the risk of developing cultured whole-cell cancer is quite high (8 – 29%)
  • Part-time egg pregnancy: Fetus;
  • Invasive egg pregnancy:The risk of cultured whole-cell cancer at a rate of 15% and meta meta metasy is about 4%.

Most cases of egg pregnancy are benign, however this pathology risks turning into malignanity. Specifically, more than 80% of cases after abortion of eggs will return to normal, the remaining 20% will continue to develop invasive muscles of theuterus, or accompanied by metalyses (cultured atom cancer).

Therefore, it is not subjective to this condition, instead it is necessary to treat properly and monitor closely to detect timely warning signs. Pregnant women should go to a specialist hospital with experience in egg pregnancy treatment for treatment and must strictly follow the post-treatment monitoring regime as instructed by the doctor.

Invasive egg pregnancy: What to know

Pregnancy of eggs needs to be grated

2. Preparation before abortion of eggs

2.1. Intrained and contrainttrained

The doctor usually prescribes to scrape the eggs immediately after being diagnosed in order to prevent natural stride causing blood ice. In the case of: Full or semi-egg pregnancy and the patient still wishes to have children.

Contraincularity for people with severe anemia, or women who do not wish to have children in the future(a zilitative surgery).

2.2. counsel

Before the procedure of abortion, thedoctor will clearly present to the victim the following information:

  • Current medical conditions as well as possible malignant complications;
  • Steps in the process of abortion of eggs, the risk of accidents during and after the procedure;
  • Follow-up after treatment, time and likelihood of future pregnancy.

2.3. Tools and materials

  • The infusion consists of infusions, wires and needles;
  • Pumps for sucking eggs of type 1 or 2 valves, suction machines if necessary;
  • Uterus shrinkage drugs Misoprostol, Ergometrin, and Oxytocin;
  • Intravenous analgesic or cervical anesthetic;
  • Sterimic cloth towels spread in the buttocks, abdomen and 2 thighs;
  • 2 pairs of aseptic gloves, shirts, hats, masks;
  • The kit includes: 2 antiseptic clamps, 1 vaginal valve,1 cervical clamp,uterus measure, size 6 – 12 straws, antiseptic solution, cotton or antiseptic gauze.

2.4. Sick people

  • Examination of the patient's condition, including pulse, temperature, blood pressure;
  • Place the vagina Misoprostol 1 hour before the procedure to soften the cervical;
  • Intravenous infusion of issalin solution or isal glucose with 5 units of Oxytocin;
  • Pre-anaesthetic injections if necessary.

2.5. Ekip made

  • Wash your hands as prescribed;
  • Wear a shirt, mask, and aseptic gloves.

Thus, around the question of some women "Doessmoking eggs hurt ?", doctors said there are cases where anesthesia or anesthesia will be injected during the abortion process so the patient will not feel the pain. However, after the procedure, the patient may have a shady abdominal pain within a few days.

3. Egg abortion procedure

  • Steridial cloth linen;
  • Antiseptic of the vagina and vagina;
  • Place the vaginal valve then disinfect the vagina with the cervical;
  • Clamping the cervical and measuring the uterus;
  • Suck eggs with a pump or suction machine;
  • Re-measurement of the uterus chamber;
  • Antiseptic mop the vagina and cervical with a new clamp;
  • Remove the tool;
  • Take the sucked-in product and send it for an anatomy test;
  • The doctor talks to the patient about the results of the procedure
  • Medical staff record records;
  • Next treatment is in dinhed with antibiotics or uterus shrinkage drugs.


Egg pregnancy dredging needs to go to a reputable hospital

4. Follow-up after egg smoking

Within 3 hours after the abortion of the egg,the patient will be monitored for the condition, including pulse, temperature and blood pressure. In addition, the doctor will also monitor the signs of uterus contraction and vaginal bleeding to promptly handle accidents if any occur. Specifically:

  • bleed

If the patient is bleeding while smoking, resuscitation is required and accelerated suction to remove all eggs. When the uterus shrinks, it reduces bleeding, combining the uterus shrinkage drug Oxytocin, Ergotamin, or Misoprostol.

  • Perforation of the uterus

Emergency surgery is carried out in 1 of the following 2 cases:

  1. The patient also wishes to have children: After opening the abdomen, the doctor holds the uterus in his hand, the other surgeon continues to suck the eggs until the uterus is cleared and stitches the hole back.
  2. The patient does not want to have children anymore: A full uterus cut, if the patient is older, cut 2 sub-parts.
  • Egg omission

Continue taking antibiotics, combine the uterus shrinkage drug and re-suck the uterus until the eggs are cleared.

In general after the abortion of the egg,the uterus will contract to return to its original size. During the period of 4-6 weeks, there will be vaginal bleeding in small or medium quantities, accompanied by a shady abdominal pain depending on the woman's body. Women need to go for a check-up on their doctor's appointment to ensure they are closely monitored.

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