Instructions for proper belching for children

The article was consulted professionally by ThS.BS Ma Van Absorb – Department of Pediatrics – Newborn, Share99 Phu Quoc International Health Hub. He is a lecturer in Pediatrics at Thai Nguyen University of Medicine and Pharmacy, a doctor treating the Department of Emergency Resuscitation – Newborn At Thai Nguyen Central Health Hub. Dr. Absorbent has strengths in the field of Pediatrics: Respiratory, Digestive, Nutritional, First Aid.

Burping your baby after breastfeeding will help them digest better, avoiding vomiting, especially with bottle-feeding babies. However, not all mothers know how to burp properly.

1. What's the effect of belching your baby?

Belching your baby's main purpose is to push the gas in the child's gastrointestinal tract out. Babies with an incomplete digestive system, may be bloating by the following causes:

  • The child cries, opens his mouth, causing him to swallow a large amount of gas in his person
  • During breastfeeding or bottle feeding can cause air and milk to enter the baby's stomach
  • The baby sucks in the wrong position, causing the child to swallow a lot of gas

The backlog in the child's gastrointestinal tract can cause the child to be full of belly, discomfort, ease of vomiting, reflux. Many people find children crying and vomiting after eating again misunderstanding what disease they have without knowing that they are simply suffering from bloating. Burping will help your child:

  • Pushing the gas stuck in the body out
  • Help children feel comfortable, comfortable, do not have full stomach, eat more, sleep well
  • Avoid vomiting, drinking milk

Improves vomiting in children of eating age

Belching helps children avoid vomiting

2. Instructions for proper belching

It is possible to burp the child with 2:

  • The position for the baby to lie on the arm of the father or mother. Note, this position should only apply when the parents have strong and large arms
  • Carrying the baby, leaving the baby lying parallel to the parent's body, head against the mother's shoulders, one hand holding the baby's neck and head, one hand proceeding to burp.

How to burp:put your hand back and pat the child on the back so that it creates a good sound. Pat along the young back, in the direction from the waist up to the neck to push the air from the bottom to the top. When the gas is pushed out, belching or a little milk residue can be heard coming out. After belching, the child is comfortable and comfortable to feed him if he wants to. Especially for bottle-feeding babies, it is recommended to burp frequently, burping between meals and after meals.

3. Things to keep in mind when burping a child

Instructions for patting your baby's belching back after suckling

Mother should choose a convenient belching position and ensure the safety of the baby
  • Prepare a milk towel on the side to wipe when the baby burps milk out
  • Choose a convenient belching position, can support the baby's head and neck firmly, ensuring safety
  • Frequently burp, even when feeding children at night or during the day.

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