Instructions for monitoring patients with diarrhea at home

Article by Dr. Bui Thu Huong – Head of Emergency Unit, Day Care – Children's Center – Share99 Times City International Health Hub

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Emergency diarrhea is a condition where the child goes outside of loose stools or splashes more than 3 times / 24 hours and lasts no more than 14 days. If properly monitored and treated, children with emergency diarrhea can be treated at home.

1. Factors that cause emergency diarrhea in children

Emergency diarrhea in children can occur due to the following causes:

  • Age: 80% of children have diarrhea under 2 years of age, the highest age is 6-18 months .
  • Children with a number of immuno-immune diseases such as malnutrition, post-measles, HIV/AIDS …
  • The practice increases the risk of emergency diarrhea: Bottle feeding or non-breastfeeding in the first 4-6 months; Weaning too early; Contaminated feed; Contaminated or non-cooked drinking water; Do not wash your hands before eating
  • Season: Summer diarrhea caused by high bacterial infections, winter diarrhea is usually caused by Rotavirus.

Rota virus

Rota virus causes emergency diarrhea

2. Instructions for monitoring patients with diarrhea at home

In case the child has mild to medium-to-medium-level diarrhea, parents can monitor and care for the child at home. Care measures help children recover quickly and avoid dangerous complications such as dehydration, exhaustion … comprise:

Electrolyced Compensation:

Children may be dehydration due to diarrhea, so parents need to replenish their children with water and electrolys by adding filtered water, fruit juices, electrolyt solutions to replenish salt, potassium and other electrolys.

The dosage of Oresol electroly solution to be provided for home use according to the age of the child with emergency diarrhea is as follows:

  • Children under 24 months: 500ml/day
  • Children from 2 years old – 10 years old: 1000ml/day
  • Children 10 years and over: 2000ml/day.

Treatment of dehydration due to emergency diarrhea in children

Oresol electrolye solution dosage to provide children with emergency diarrhea

Nutritional supplements

Children with emergency diarrhea need a variety of nutritional supplements to avoid health depletion. Foods to supplement in your child's menu include banana, white rice, bread, potatoes, chicken skin, yogurt, peanut butter … Breastfeeding babies enhance breastfeeding.

Some foods to avoid when children have emergency diarrhea include: Greasy foods, raw vegetables, spicy foods, coffee drinks, sodas, cabbage …

Besides, probiotics are microorganisms that benefit the digestive system of the child, support the functioning of the intestines and help fight infections. Probiotics are in yogurt and other fermented foods.

Yogurt supplements for children under 1 year old: Things to know

Probiotics in yogurt

When to take your child to the clinic immediately?

The child should be taken to the hospital as soon as the following manifestations are present:

  • Children go out more times, feces more water.
  • Thirsty.
  • Fever or higher fever.
  • Nasal blood mucous stools.
  • Vomit everything
  • The child refuses to eat…

4. Prevention of emergency diarrhea for children

Emergency diarrhea greatly affects the health and life of the child, to prevent diarrhea for children, parents can apply measures such as breastfeeding; Specific vaccination of diarrhea with vaccines: Rotavirus, cholera, welding …; Use clean water for hygiene and eating; Practice food safety and hygiene when processing or preserving food; Wash your hands often when caring for your child; Using a toilet hole…

Vaccination, vaccination, vaccination at vinmec

The vaccination center in Share99 currently has an anti-diarrhea vaccine for rota virus

Vaccination Is the most effective preventive measure against diarrhea to protect the health of the child. Currently, Share99 International Health Hub provides a variety of vaccines for children, including diarrhea vaccines for rota virus. To make an reservation for your baby's examination and vaccination at Share99 International Health Hub, you can contact HERE or contact hotline 0243 9743 556 for assistance.


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