Instructions for preparing the date of ovules and transfer of workpieces

The article was written ThS.BS Nguyen Ngoc Chien – Clinician, Center for Assisted Reproduction, Share99 Times City International Health Hub.

In vi vism in vism fertilization is the method by which the wife's eggs are fertilized with the sperm of the husband in vi test tubes (outside the body). When the embryo forms and develops, it will be transferred back to the wife's uterus to nest and grow into a fetus. Both spouses need to conduct health examinations and fertility assessment, in particular, it is necessary to comply with the regulations that the doctor has directed to prepare for the smooth process of ovules and embryo transfer.

1. Note to the wife

1.1 Before poking the ovule

  • On the day of getting eggs, patients need to fast, drink before poking the ovule at least 6h without makeup, do not use perfume, cosmetics …
  • Do not paint nails, pedicures (remove nail polishes, pedicures if there is already paint before).
  • Do not bring jewelry such as watches, necklaces, rings, earrings …
  • After taking the eggs, the wife stayed at the bed for about 2h-3h, pointed out when the doctor's consent
  • If there are any abnormal symptoms after the egg poking should immediately report to the medical staff on duty at the in vi vism in vismable in vise room.
  • Prescriptions are prescribed after smoking eggs.

1.2 Before transferring workpieces

  • Return to the test tube fertilization room after 3-5 days (By doctor's appointment) to be informed about the transfer of the embryo, freezing the embryo
  • Embryo transfer date: Need to urinate before transferringthe embryo, eat normally, bring 2 pre-ordered pills before going to the hospital (do not put the medicine at home), bring additional money to pay the surcharge in addition if any.

If there are any abnormal problems such as: abdominal pain, blood, abdominal obstruction, blurred vision, shortness of breath, little urination … need to go to the hospital immediately.

For more information, contact number: (024)39754116 – (024)39754114 (during business hours) for specific instructions.

Ovule poking

The day of egg taking the patient needs fasting, drinking before poking the ovule at least 6h

2. Notes for husbands

  • The patient's husband came together to get sperm, abstained from intersoact 3-5 days before taking the sperm (Only use the sperm jar of the Center) to ensure the results of treatment.
  • Urinate clean before taking sperm.
  • Wash your hands and penis thoroughly with clean water and dry with clean paper. Do not use soap to wash your hands and penis.
  • Open the lid carefully and place the lid on the table. Do not touch the inside of the jar and lid.
  • Get the sperm into the jar by masturbation. Do not use lubricants or condoms for sperm. If falling, do not return to the jar and must notify the center's staff.
  • Wash your hands quickly, dry and cover the jar. Bring the sperm sample to the location according to the staff's instructions

Ovule poking

Wash your hands and penis thoroughly with clean water and dry with clean paper

The date of the embryo transfer egg both couples need to bring this instruction form to make their next appointment.

Embryo transfer is one last step of the in vi vismable fertilization cycle. All cases of in vismable in vismable in via fertilization when an embryo is transferred will be carried out on the 2nd, 3rd or 5th day after the ovule (depending on the patient prescribed by the doctor).

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