Instructions on how to make cefotaxim antibiotics

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Cefotaxim antibiotics are given in 3 lines: deep intramuscular, slow intravenous or slow intravenous.

1. What are cefotaxim antibiotics?

Cefotaxim is a 3rd generation cephalosporin antibiotic with a broad antibacterial spectrum. The main indentation of cefotaxim is cefotaxim-sensitive bacterial infections, including respiratory, osopharyngeal, renal– urinary, skin – soft tissue, osteoarthritis, genitals, abdominal infections; severe infections such as sepsis, endocarditis, meningitis; surgical and preventative antibiotics in immuno-impaired humans.

Currently cefotaxim antibiotics have 0.5 g type of products; 1 g; 2 g of cefotaxim powder in the form of sodium salt, with or without a solvent tube for mixing.

Acute respiratory infections in children: How to handle and care

Cefotaxim is used to treat respiratory infections

2. Instructions on how to make cefotaxim antibiotics

Cefotaxim antibiotics are given in 3 lines: deep intramuscular, slow intravenous or slow intravenous.

*NCPT: Distilled water for injection

3. Note when injecting cefotaxim antibiotics

On how to inject infusions:

  • Intramuscularly, intravenous sugars should be used in large doses.
  • With intravenously, for the prevention of intravenous inflammation it is recommended to inject a slow intravenous infusion. At the same time if given intravenously faster than 3 minutes can be dangerous due to the associated arrhythmias.

Intravenous injection

Some notes when injecting cefotaxim antibiotics

Regarding the future of drugs – drugs:

  • Cefotaxim is not compatible with alkaline solutions such as sodium bicarbonate solutions. Intravenous solution should be used with such as NaCl 0.9%, Glucose 5%, Glucose and NaCl, Ringer lactat or an intravenous solution with pH from 5 to 7.
  • Do not mix cefotaxim with other drugs in the same syringe or the same intravenous infusion kit.

Regarding drug preservation:

  • The solution of the drug after mixing should be used immediately.
  • The shelf life of the drug solution after mixing is 24 hours under cold storage conditions at 2-80C.


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