HPV in Men: Signs and Risks

Similar to women, HPV in men is still capable of causing warts in the genital area. Although not so common, some HPV viruses in men also put gentlemen at risk of genital cancer.

1. Risk of HPV virus infection in men

HPV – also known as human papillomavirus is a very common sexually transmitted disease.

In sexually active gay and bisexual men, the risk of developing cancer is about 17 times higher than for men who only have sex with women. Men infected with HIV , the virus that causes immuno-deterioration in humans, will also be more susceptible to cancers.

2. Signs of HPV in men

Genital warts

Genital warts are the first symptoms that can be detected when infected with certain types of HPV in men

2.1. Genital warts

Genital warts are the first symptoms that can be detected when infected with certain types of HPV in men. Meanwhile, high-risk viruses that cause cancer are rarely accompanied by any symptoms in both men and women.

There is no treatment for HPV infection in men if the person does not develop symptoms. Instead, doctors will treat health problems caused by hpv virus.

For rooster crests, patients can apply prescription cream at home or surgically remove warts. All warts usually do not appear at the same time. Therefore, if treatment has been carried out as soon as the first warts are detected, it is likely that the patient will continue to need more treatments afterwards.

2.2. Some types of cancer

Most cancers found in the back of the throat, including at the base of the tongue and tonsils, are associated with HPV. In fact, these are the most common cancers associated with HPV virus in men, with more than 13,000 new cases diagnosed each year.

3. Prevents the spread of HPV in men


Condoms can also protect men against HPV virus but won't be 100% effective
  • The HPV vaccine has been approved by the FDA for men aged 9-26 years to prevent genital warts caused by two strains of HPV-6 and HPV-11, as well as prevent anal cancer.
  • Not having sex or ensuring absolute single-husband living is the only way to prevent HPV transmission. The risk of infection can be reduced if a person only has sex with an untaged sexual contact and vice versa. But if your longtime lover is found to be infected with HPV, this does not mean that they have betrayed you and had sex with others in recent times. The virus can lie still in the body for years without causing any noticeable symptoms.
  • To reduce the risk of HPV virus transmission in men,men should avoid "doing it" with different sexual relationships and must choose someone who has never had sex or had only had sex with few sexual friends in the past.
  • Condoms can also protect men from HPV virus but won't be 100% effective. This is because HPV is mainly transmitted through skin contact, so the virus is still capable of attacking areas outside the coverage of condoms. In a recent study of young women who were just starting out with sex, if a sexual relationship frequently used condoms each time they had sex, their likelihood of contracting the virus was 70% lower than that of couples who used condoms by less than 5%.

Currently in the community, HPV virus is still widely known as a cause of cervical cancer in women. However, both men and women can become infected with HPV and transmit the disease to others without knowing it. HPV infection in men also causes mild to serious health problems, including rooster crests and certain types of cancer. Therefore, men need to understand the signs and risks, as well as how to prevent HPV virus in men effectively.

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Article reference source: webmd.com


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