Emergency pre-life syndrome

Cochlear deposition is a structure that helps the body to keep balance. Pathular problems or injuries can lead to a pre-dysubling disorder. Frontal syndrome is a common disease, presenting with dizziness and loss of balance, in some cases may experience vision and hearing problems.

1. Level pre-life syndrome

Acute pre pharyngitis is acute damage to the central or peripheral side of the court, due to various causes, common causes such as beditis and central lesions, multiple sclerosis,…

The peripheral preestious system consists of a pre-striker fascination and a fore possible for the body's balance. Therefore, when the patient has frontal syndrome, the most common manifestation is dizziness due to loss of balance, in addition to other symptoms such as tinnitus, nausea, sweating, heart beating,…

The prested syndrome is divided into 2 groups based on the anatomy location:

  • Central pree teditis: when damage to the paths of the preeminal transmission go to the preeminal encephaity in the brain trunk.
  • Peripheral preelitent syndrome: when there is damage in the area of the in the ear, worm and medotbel.

2. symptom

Preebrate syndrome is manifested mainly by subjective symptoms including dizziness, objective symptoms such as loss of balance, vibration of the eyeball

  • Dizziness: is a motor illusion, the person has a feeling of objects around the reel, can fall in dizziness, gait disorders. In addition, it is accompanied by symptoms of plant neurological disorders such as sweating, nausea, feeling of falling, very strong rotation and discomfort
  • Loss of balance: common in the early stages of peripheral preelitular syndrome, the patient cannot stand. In addition, through autopsies such as romberg signs, star walks,… may occur moderately.
  • Eyeball vibration: is an automatic movement of two eyeballs, characterized by a constant appearance of rhythm, regularity and a constant change in the direction of alternating movement,…


Symptoms of dizziness in patients

3. diagnose

To diagnose an emergency fascular syndrome, the doctor will base on the clinical manifestations of the patient and combine with the results of subclinical tests such as:

  • Basic tests
  • Cervical spine XQ narrows joint slits
  • Ultrasound of the vertebrae system, determination of atherosclerosis plaque, dissection of arteries causing embolis, narrowing of vessels
  • CT-Scaner of the brain, MRI of the brain for lesions such as vascular accidents, meningococular tumours,…

Symptoms of sexual-level fasentery syndrome resemble stroke. Therefore, it is necessary to make a diagnosis that distinguishes between an urgent pre-life syndrome and a stroke.

People with an emergency foreew syndrome often present with rotational dizziness, tilting on one side or swaying, which can be caused by damage to semi-piercing tubes or the central system of the frontal system. Level dizziness is often accompanied by a feeling of loss of balance when walking and coordinates with nausea, vomiting and plant neurological disorders.

Based on development, time and recurrence of motor hallucinations to determine the causes of blood rapidity such as:

  • Seconds to minutes: due to benign dramatic dizziness, background anemia
  • Minutes to hours: Meniere's disease, migraine with dizziness
  • Few days: bingitis, hematitis, anaesthetic, myeline degenerative pathology.
  • Frequent dizziness, does not improve for weeks: due to psychology


CRANIAL CT-Scaner helps to accurately diagnose pathology

4. treat

Treatment of emergency fasystitis depends on the cause and most importantly, the handling of emergency dizziness to prevent accidents for patients

  • Anti-dizziness: includes drugs such as tanganil 500mg injections and oral forms
  • Anti-vomiting: Metoclopramid
  • Compensate electrolyt with isthat solution if the patient vomits a lot
  • Sedative: Seduxen

Emergency frontal syndrome is an emergency injury caused by many causes, patients often present with severe dizziness, loss of balance, so it is prone to injuries, accidents, falls. Therefore, when abnormal manifestations are seen, the patient needs to be immediately taken to a medical facility for examination and timely intervention.

Medical examination

Patients should see a doctor for timely advice and treatment

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