Infectious rash syndrome

Infectious rash syndrome is common in young children. Manifestations of this syndrome are the appearance of skin rashes due to the causes of viruses or bacteria, parasites,.. in which the characteristics of the skin rash are factors that help to diagnose and treat accordingly.

1. What is infectious rash syndrome?

  • Typhal fever is a condition where after the end of the fever the child will appear small spots equal to or protruding on the skin, which is common in young children.
  • The disease usually cures itself and will be cured if rested and taken adequate medication. In rare cases, the disease can cause high fever and lead to complications.
  • Typhal fever is extremely common in children between the ages of 6 months and 2 years because the amount of antibodies transmitted by the mother to the child has decreased and the immune system is not complete.

What to do if your baby has a viral rash

Typhal fever usually occurs in children under 2 years of age

2. Common infection rashes

  • Measles rash, heat pink form. The type of rash or sporadic, which can be discrete or seamless, appears in the whole body, except for the palms, feet. You'll lose it when you strain your skin.
  • Heat persimm disease caused by schim. Diagnosis of the disease is based on age, throat pain, dense rash, no healing skin, much in the folds, borders …, flakes into the last plaque gradually fade.
  • measles. Diagnosis based on clinical manifestations appears long-throated inflammation, Koplik seeds in the mouth, progress. The rash grows in a sednth from head to toe, daylight.
  • Rubella disease. The second measles-like rash is followed by hot pink semen, enlarged lymph nodes, mononuclear leukocycymemia, myalgesia.
  • Rash due to drug allergies. All drugs can be caused. It is possible to experience all forms of the rash, which usually itches that occur after 1 day or late, 9 days after taking antibiotics.
  • Ban do Enterovirus. often causes measles-like rashes. The rash is accompanied by less typical symptoms of infections such as false influenza, diarrhea, headache, muscle pain.
  • Originally issued by Parvovirus B19 virus. Initially growing on the face, after 48 hours, the rash spreads to the limbs or at the base of the limbs, surrounded by red edges. You may be seen in the liver of your hand. The patient does not have a fever, does not affect the whole condition, cures itself after 3-4 weeks, leaves no complications.
  • Hepatitis B. It is common for the rash on the back to spread down to the enlarged peripheral limbs, the spleen liver may be enlarged.

How long does it take to get a dengue rash?

Antibiotic allergies can lead to rashes
  • It's bacterial.
  • Rashes are seen in tsinged with tsinged.
  • Measles-like skin rash is found in Leptospira or Brucella disease.
  • The rash of syphilis II.
  • The characteristic ring of rheumatism, the band of the sjuncular, the band of circles such as the disease stamped by pigs and chronic tenditis are much directed to the cause of Lyme disease.
  • Ban due to parasites. Caused by Toxoplasma, measles rash is encountered in the buttocks, face or liver of the hands and feet. The type of urticaria that starts sometimes has a heat pink type is caused by a fluke cyst.
  • Kawasaki disease. Presenting fever continuously for 7 days or 2-3 weeks, accompanied by retinal conjunctivitis, with a mouth rash, cracked dry lips. The tongue is thick, edema-shaped under the skin spreads to the limbs, purple rash in the liver of the hands, legs, has a thermothermia encephalitis, multi-erged measles rash, large cympress muscle lymph nodes.
  • Nodules: Usually caused by viruses, Herpes or Enterovirus viruses, chickenpox viruses, Zona
  • Human Herpes virus: Rash in the form from daylight to nodules, rashes in the skin, mucous membranes.
  • Hand-foot-mouth syndrome in young children, oncage of a rash in the oral cavity, a hot pressure rash.
  • Purulent rash due to impetigo: impetigo or pustules caused by sysentary or sysentary infections.
  • Liver and feet due to causes such as syphilis, limbs and mouth
  • Erythema nodosum. Is dermatitis and a semi-acute organization of the skin due to inflammation of the vessels of large vessels under the skin. The note is 2-4cm in diameter, clearly floated, pink after red gradually.

Limbs and mouth

Rash in the liver of the foot due to limbs and mouth

3. Prevention care for children with typhal fever

Typhal fever in children often needs good care, strengthens the resistance of the child, the child can recover quickly.

  • Isolate children with typhal fever from other children so let them rest in bed, clean room. Avoid crowded gatherings
  • Wash your hands thoroughly regularly to avoid spreading the disease to people who have not been in the household
  • Properly lower your baby's fever: If your baby has a high fever of 38.5°C or higher, you can give him paracetamol in accordance with his doctor's instructions, applying it with warm water
  • Replenish enough water: You should encourage your baby to drink enough water, mineral rehydration electrolyses, lemon juice, fresh fruit juice … to avoid dehydration
  • Enhancing adequate nutrition to ensure nutrition for children
  • Wipe your nose, clean your teeth to avoid bacterial infections
  • Clean your body regularly, avoid abstinence from the wind, water
  • Strengthens resistance for children as well as family members such as vitamin C and foods rich in vitamin C

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