Is it dangerous to open the cervical waist during pregnancy?

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Cervical cleft is the leading cause of consecutive miscarriages and premature births. So how dangerous is the cervical waist opening and what to do when the cervical waist is exposed during pregnancy?

1. What is cervical cleft?

The waist of the uterus is the part between the cervical and the body of the uterus. When not pregnant, the waist of the uterus is only about 0.5cm. During pregnancy, the waist of the uterus will stretch. By birth, the waist of the uterus becomes a segment under the uterus up to 10 cm long.

Normally the closed waist and cervical part are open only when menstruation for menstruation escapes. During pregnancy, the uterus and cervical sealing during pregnancy, until labor, the cervical has an open eraser to let the fetus and its parts out.

Cervical cleft is a condition in which the cervical uterus opens before and during pregnancy. At 16 weeks gestation 16 weeks of age 10 weeks 10 years of age, the pressure in the amniotic chamber increases, hitting the cervical chamber causing the cervical opening gradually leading to amnioticrupture, causing miscarriage or premature birth.

2. How dangerous is the cleft cervical waist?

Open waist

Cleft cervical waist increases the risk of pregnancy

The cleft waist of the uterus usually shows no early signs, so many pregnant women ignore it. When you have a gap in your uterus during pregnancy, pregnant women may face risks

  • Miscarriage in the 4th month 100 days, consecutive miscarriages.
  • Premature birth and affects the health of babies.

Causes of cervical waist opening include

  • Due to short cervical congenital
  • Cervical nong during abortion has disrupted the hole structure in the cervical
  • Due to cervical tear during pregnancy
  • Cervical cirlitative surgery or cervical cirlitative surgery.

3. What to do when the cervical waist is exposed?

Pregnant women diagnosed with a cleft uterus are often admitted to hospital to carry out stitches to help keep the pregnancy up until the end of the month of birth.

Time of stitching of the uterus waist

Based on the age of the last miscarriage. Usually the time of stitching the uterus is best around 16-20 gestations.

Conditions of stitching of the uterus waist

The pregnancy develops normally and does not occur labor (without a uterus mound, the cervical opening is less than 2cm and erased below 80%, no amniotic head has been established).

Attention after stitching the waist of the uterus

  • Doctors use certain types of uterus contraction relieves and anti-bacterial antibiotics
  • Patients need to rest at bed
  • After being discharged from the maternity hospital, it is necessary to limit travel and not work hard at least in the first week after stitching the waist of the uterus
  • Regular pregnancy check-up as directed by your doctor
  • When there are signs such as abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding, you should see a doctor immediately.

Time of sewing sewing

  • At 36 weeks gestation
  • However, when an early labor occurs, stitches will be performed as soon as the woman labors to avoid rupture of the uterus and cervical tear due to sutures.

Cervical sewing

Cervical sewing

4. Treatment of cleft uterus at Share99 Ha Long Health Hub

Professional, comprehensive care, modern disease prevention system, each room is equipped with facilities equal to 5-star hotel standards. Guests are served meals, rest mode, full workout.

The method of pre-production of the cervical ring for premature birth or consecutive miscarriage applies to mothers with a diagnosis of cervical cleft waist; there is a history of cervical stitches and some special cases such as: twin pregnancies, multiple pregnancies with a cervical length of less than 25 mm.

Contraining with mothers with a uterus with contractions; fetuses over 24 weeks; still pregnancy; bleeding from the uterus; inflammation of the amniotic membrane; young ruptured amniotic fluid; fetal abnormalities; acute genital inflammation…

Advantages of treating cervical waist opening at Share99 Ha Long International Health Hub:

  • Pro-premature or consecutive cervical cervical sewing is the most optimal method of preventing the risk of premature birth or miscarriage
  • Patients are examined, consulted and treated by specialists with extensive experience in the field of obstetrics and gynecology surgery such as: Specialist Doctor II Bui Minh Phuc,Specialist Doctor II Le Thi Phuong, Ths.BS Nguyen Thanh Vinh….
  • Patients are operated on in the world's most modern Hybrid Operating Room with modern equipment to help achieve high treatment efficiency.
  • The surgical procedure is strict, minimizing incidents and undesirable effects for patients.

Cleft waist of the uterus during pregnancy is dangerous because it is the main cause of miscarriage and premature calving. To ensure maternity health, women should go to the doctor before and during the full pregnancy according to the doctor's instructions, if unfortunately there is a cleft uterus or other problems will be diagnosed by the doctor and have appropriate treatment options , creating a prepared time for a healthy pregnancy.

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