Learn targeted therapy in cancer treatment

Targeted cancer therapy is a cancer treatment using drugs. It differs from traditional chemotherapy. The drug here is a therapy with a specific goal that helps prevent the growth and spread of tumors. They work by attacking specialized genes or proteins.

1. Purpose of targeted therapy

Cancer usually begins when there are genetic changes in healthy cells. Genes have the ability to "command" cells how proteins are produced. So when genes change, these proteins can also change and cause abnormal cell division or cells to live too long. The tumor will be created as the cells continue to grow out of control.

Researchers are finding specific genetic changes for each type of cancer and thereby developing drugs to be able to target those changes. These drugs can:

  • Blocking or turning off cell division signals of cancer cells
  • Prevents cells from living longer than usual
  • Destruction of cancer cells

Targeted therapy in cancer treatment

What is the purpose of targeted therapy?

2. Types of targeted treatment

There are several different types of targeted treatment:

2.1 Monoty current antibodies

Monocytic antibodies target cancer cells or the area around cancer cells. It can also target chemicals directly at cells. Therefore, the drug is often used in addition to chemotherapy or radiotherapy to increase the effectiveness of cancer cell destruction.

2.2 Small molecular drugs

Small molecular drugs can prevent cell division and the spread of cancer cells.

2.3 Anti-vascular medications

Anti-vascular drugs are an example of targeted therapy. A tumor needs to make up blood vessels to be able to receive the necessary nutrients. Therefore, doctors often prescribe this drug to stop the process of vascular creation and make the tumor "starve".

3. Some examples of targeted therapy

You should talk to your doctor and get tested to determine your specific targeted therapy as it may not be right for you even though another person with cancer like you is using it as well. Here are some examples of targeted therapy:

3.1 For breast cancer

For breast cancer – about 20-25% of breast cancer cases have a human epidermal growth factor receptor 2. This protein is capable of developing malignant tumor cells. If the patient has a positive HER2 result, certain types of targeted treatment may be applied.

Learn targeted therapy in cancer treatment

For breast cancer – about 20-25% of breast cancer cases have an excess of HER2 protein

3.2 For colorectal cancer

For colorectal cancer – most cases of colorectal cancer have an epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR). Drugs that block the production of EGFR proteins can slow down the development of cancer.

3.3 For lung cancer

For lung cancer,drugs that block the production of EGFR proteins can slow down the development of lung cancer. Drugs targeting specific genetic modifications (usually ALK and ROS) can also be applied to treat lung cancer.

3.4 For melanoma

For melanoma – 50% of melanoma cases are caused by mutations in the BRAF gene. As a result, researchers have developed drugs that can target modifications in this gene.

The use of drugs for the treatment of targeted targets may sound simple, but this therapy is complex and may not be effective. Remember:

  • Therapy will only work if the tumor has a target so the drug can be targeted.
  • Having targets in the tumor does not mean that therapy will be able to prevent the growth of the tumor.
  • The results of treatment may be temporary.
  • Targeted therapy can cause side effects such as skin, hair, nails/legs or eye problems.

Identify the right treatments to help patients avoid unnecessary side effects, save costs and improve the effectiveness of treatment. Usually cancer patients before treatment should be given some genetic, protein and other tumor-related tests so that the doctor can choose the most effective therapy. So, talk to your doctor to see if a targeted cancer treatment is right for you.

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Article reference source: Cancer.net


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